Artemy Panarin: “If my club is crossed, I look with the eyes of an eagle”

Russian Rangers striker Artemy Panarin spoke about his hockey omens during an interview with Instagram.

– Sidney Crosby, if he has prepared his clubs for the game, does not allow even close partners to touch them. Do you have such a problem?

– There is no such straight tough. But I really do not like it when they start to step over my stick in the locker room. Immediately I get the gaze of an eagle, drilling right through.

I also wrap the stick, prepare it for the game. And in the locker room, some walk, not looking at their feet at all. I don’t understand how you can walk like that? I'm already outraged. Moreover, they are stepping over my club. I immediately remove it, because I see – a person is rushing upon meeting.

– Do you have any personal marks?

– A lot of them. For example, I always wear skates with my left foot. And before every match I eat pasta, chicken and noodle soup. In general, I try not to get attached to rituals. In order not to put yourself in the box later, when you worry before the match that you did not eat the chicken, and therefore the game may not go well. My philosophy is to work, and you will have everything, sooner or later.

In the current season, Panarin played 4 matches and scored 3 (1 + 2) effective actions with a utility index of “-1”.

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