BadComedian criticized the words of Ekaterina Mizulina about shooters

Russian blogger and film reviewer Evgeny BadComedian Bazhenov reacted emotionally to the statements of the head of the Safe Internet League Ekaterina Mizulina about video games and shooters in particular. The content maker believes that in an interview on the YouTube channel “And Talk?” the official did not consider the problem comprehensively and did not take into account many details, including the procedure for obtaining a license for firearms.

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Evgeny BadComedian Bazhenov Evgeny BadComedian Bazhenov:

“Here is an excerpt from which I just ORAL. The official wonders why the vile bastards who started shooting at schools in Kazan and Perm had Turkish guns on their hands and how did they find out about these weapons. It turns out that the reason is that it is the Turkish guns in the games. It was in games that the bastards tried out this weapon and therefore went to shoot in schools. Dear Ekaterina Mizulina, you at least familiarize yourself with the process of obtaining weapons permits. There you are introduced and taught to shoot with a REAL WEAPON. And if you prohibit games … WHEN GETTING PERMISSION, YOU WILL STILL TRAIN TO USE WEAPONS. And if weapons are banned, then the killer will come with an ax, and if axes are banned, they will come with a can of gasoline. Although, probably, the games will also be to blame for this: remember, there was a mission with gasoline in GTA? And yes, shooting in reality and in games (OH HORROR!) Is fundamentally different. “

BadComedian also noted that as a child, he played with a plastic pistol that looked like the original weapon, and wondered if this type of goods should be banned. He also recalled that the arrows mentioned by Mizulina were adults, which means that otherwise they would have gotten to know firearms while serving in the army.

Earlier BadComedian named his favorite games. The video blogger praised Rainbow Six Siege and Civilization, stating that he has been passionate about them for a long time.

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