Betting on a draw according to the “2 out of 6” system – an overview and description of the betting strategy

Betting on a draw according to the Sports betting strategies

In sports betting, there are quite a few strategies when the bettor can remain in the black, even losing a large number of bets. One of these strategies is the 2 out of 6 draw betting method. To win a bet, it is enough to win only 2 matches out of 6 in the system, and you get a plus at the end of the bet. Let's talk in more detail about this strategy, give examples and draw a conclusion.


  1. The essence of the strategy
  2. How do I find matches for a strategy?
  3. Examples of using the strategy
  4. Conclusion

The essence of the strategy

As the name implies, you need to place bets on a draw using the 2 out of 6 system. it is necessary to place bets of the “System” type of 6 events. If at least 2 of them win, then with the correct selection of the coefficients, you will get a plus. Special attention should be paid to the selection of matches in this strategy, because it is necessary to find high odds (not less than 3.9) in order for the system to be winning even with only two successful predictions out of 6.

Bets are placed on a tie in football. As you know, the odds for a given outcome (X) matches on average fluctuate in the range from 3 to 5.

In matches of super equal opponents who score little, the odds for a draw can be 2.7-2.9 – this will not work for us, because 2 wins are not enough to get a profit. It is also undesirable to take odds higher than 5; nevertheless, there is a clear favorite in this game, which, most likely, will win. Optimal quotes for the system are 3.9-4.5. Such odds come in about 25-35% of matches, so you need to carefully select matches for your strategy.

You need to bet on this system no more than 3-5% of the bank. not every system will be profitable due to the use of high coefficients. And several losses in a row will make a solid drawdown of the bank. Therefore, you need to secure yourself with rates with a small part of the total budget.

Betting on this strategy is best along the line, because you will be able to calmly select 6 worthy matches, and not worry about a sharp change in the odds. Live quotes are constantly changing, making a competent and profitable deal much more difficult.

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How do I find matches for a strategy?

It is necessary to select games in which the probability of a draw is the highest. Statistically, there are more draws in the lower leagues, in which fewer goals are scored. The percentage of draws at the end of the 2018-2020 season is higher in such leagues as Serie B in Italy, the Russian Championship (RPL and FNL), Segunda of Spain, Bundesliga 2 in Germany, the championship of Greece, Ligue 1 of France, the championship of Finland – 26-35%.

You can additionally increase the chance of success by eliminating as much as possible matches in which draws are unlikely. For example, the confrontation between squads, which almost do not play among themselves in a draw, matches where one of the teams must certainly win, have good chances for this and increased motivation.

Examples of using the strategy

We select on a good day, when there is a choice of football events (game day of European cups, weekend of championships) 6 matches where draws are most likely, but at the same time the odds for a peaceful outcome are in the region of 4 and higher. It is best to take the lower leagues, where they score 2-2.5 goals on average per game, and face-to-face meetings of teams that adhere to defensive tactics, i.e. football with a minimum of threats to the goal and a minimum of goals.

You should not take matches at random: you can get lucky one-time, but almost certainly nothing good will come of it at a distance. Therefore, if there are not enough games, it is better to wait until a good match with high chances of a draw is selected, or to postpone the bet altogether.

It will not be superfluous to study the movement of the line. A draw is often the highest odds in a three-way football match, so bookmakers sometimes try to underestimate it by increasing the odds on W1 and W2. If there is a clear favorite in the game and the odds for his victory are rapidly falling before the match, then the odds for a draw will grow. You need to wait until the quotes for peaceful outcomes (X) of the matches selected for the system reach the highest possible values, and only after that make a bet.

Let's present an example of using system 2 of 6.

The size of the bet is 500 rubles. First, let's see how much you can win if all 6 bets out of 6 come in (very rare, close to a fantastic deal). Cafes: from 3.88 to 4.1. Let's use the system calculator from BK Leon.

With 500 rubles it turned out to win almost 7900. An amazing result. Net profit – 7393 rubles.

Now let's see what happens with the same odds, but with 4 out of 6 bets winning.

It turned out to win 3175 rubles, or 2675 rubles of net profit.

Now let's find out how much it turns out if only 2 outcomes out of 6 win (as our strategy says). This is a much more likely and realistic option, winning 2 out of 6 matches is quite simple.

The gain in this case was 525 rubles, the net income was 25 rubles. Not much, but if you look at what won only 2 matches out of 6 (only 33%), then this is an excellent result. But an important point, once again draw attention to this: in order to gain profit on this strategy, you need to take odds of at least 3.88.


Betting on a draw according to the 2 out of 6 system is not an easy task and a rather complicated strategy. After all, most football matches end with the victories of one of the teams. But if you filter out games where the chances of a draw are minimal, you will be able to increase the chance of hitting the target from 28-35% to 36-50%. In this case, you can fix a plus from almost every system 2 out of 6. And if you win 3 or more matches out of six, then the profit will turn out to be very good (X3-X12 of the bet amount).

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