Bobrovsky and Samsonov did not finish the match in front of Zhamnov

The goalkeeper question in the Russian national team at the Olympics is one of the most interesting. Perhaps this is the only position where coaches will have to puzzle over the choice, and not take everyone who is (as is the case with defenders and center-forwards).

Andrey Vasilevsky has already been selected in the top three players, which was announced by each team, and, if injuries or other force majeure do not happen, he will receive a place in the squad.

Andrey Vasilevsky / Photo: © RvS.Media / Robert Hradil / Contributor / Getty Images Sport /

The other two are claimed by Sergei Bobrovsky, Igor Shesterkin and Ilya Sorokin. All three have been tested many times in the national team, and they started the season well. But there is also Semyon Varlamov, who is recovering from an injury. Last season, he, not Sorokin, was number one for the Islanders. What will happen when he returns to the ice?

In addition, Alexander Georgiev, Ilya Samsonov and the ageless Anton Khudobin are still in the second row, each of whom may well be suitable for the role of the third goalkeeper, whose chance of playing even one game at the Olympics is low.

Today has added questions to Zhamnov and the company. The coaching staff came to the game Florida – Washington, where the players of the national team were in the first roles.

The plot became confusing already in the opening. Ilya Samsonov was planned at the Washington gate from the start, but Vitek Vanechek appeared, and after a minute and 45 seconds the goalkeepers made a castling. What was it? Nobody understood. At the post-match press conference, Washington coach Peter Laviolette replied: “I'd rather just say that Samsonov had a problem. He needed a moment. “

Apparently, the problem remained, by the middle of the first period two goals flew into the gate of Samsonov, and in the middle of the second he did not react to a long wrist shot. Then, with the score 1: 3, he went to the bench with 15 reflected throws out of 18.

By that time, a more alarming event had happened – Sergei Bobrovsky did not come out for the second period, having played the first twenty minutes flawlessly. Florida reported damage to the upper body. It seems that there is no talk of a serious injury.

But who does not give reason to doubt his place in the national team is Alexander Ovechkin. When, 4 minutes before the end of the second period, Florida captain Alexander Barkov made the score 4: 1, few believed that Washington could turn the game around.

But then there was a response from the captain of “Washington”. He stitched a throw from the left throw-in circle of the young replacement Bobrovsky Spencer Knight, falling into his trap.

And then Tom Wilson puts the stick under the shot and reduces the gap to a minimum. Ovi has a program in this episode.

In the third period, Ovechkin from behind the gate made a transfer to the patch, the puck soared to the ceiling, hitting someone's stick, and when it slammed onto the ice, Connor McMichael was the first to notice it – 4: 4.

But in overtime, fortune returned all debts to the owners. Tom Wilson, trying to interrupt the transfer of the opponent, closed it in the corner of his goal. Florida is winning, Washington has one point.

As usual, after Ovechkin's next goal, we talk about his records and other achievements. It was the 740th goal of Ovi's career, with just one goal left before Brett Hull, who is fourth on the list of all-time snipers.

Alexander was the first in the season to reach the 10-goal mark and became the first player to do so in three championships (previously Ovi was the first to hit the top ten in the 2013/14 and 2017/18 seasons).

In addition, Ovechkin became the third player in NHL history to do so (scoring 10 goals first) at the age of 36. Previously, Maurice Richard and Mike Gartner were able to do this.

The next match Washington will play at home against Philadelphia on Sunday night. We are waiting for Ovechkin to catch up with Hull.

Florida Panthers (Sunrise) – Washington Capitals (Washington) – 5: 4 OT (2: 0, 2: 3, 0: 1, 1: 0)

Goals: Barkov, 3:07, 35:32 (big). Ecblood, 11:04 am. Montur, 27:16. Luostarinen, 61:55. – Sprong, 20:43. Ovechkin, 38:11. Wilson, 39:43. McMichael, 46:56.

Returning to the goalkeeper question of the Russian national team, it should be said that Ilya Sorokin played another brilliant match. He saved 36 of 38 shots in the game against Montreal and conceded two goals when the game was made: after two periods, the Islanders were leading 5-0.

So far, Sorokin is playing as a real contender for a trip to Beijing.

Montreal Canadiens (Montreal) – New York Islanders (New York) – 2: 6 (0: 1, 0: 4, 2: 1)

Goals: Suzuki, 55:20 (men.). Toffoli, 57:04 (large). – Nelson, 4:14, 32:25, 35:23, 59:41. Wallström, 11:31 pm. Pajo, 38:08.

Tampa lost to Toronto in overtime, and Andrei Vasilevsky saved 32 out of 34 shots. Largely thanks to his efforts, the champions of the last two seasons made it to extra time. The Tampa goalkeeper was named the third star in the losing match.

Toronto Maple Leafs (Toronto) – Tampa Bay Lightning (Tampa) – 2: 1 OT (0: 1, 0: 0, 1: 0, 1: 0)

Goals: Tavares, 59:18. Nylander, 62:43 (large). – Maroon, 13:16.

35-year-old Anton Khudobin, who came out from the first minutes in the match against one of the leaders – Calgary, also reminded of himself. Dallas won in overtime, Khudobin saved 30 shots, Guryanov had a goal, Radulov had a pass.

In addition, Calgary defender Nikita Zadorov, who became the second star of the match, scored the first goal for the new club with a powerful shot from the blue line.

Calgary Flames (Calgary) – Dallas Stars (Dallas) – 3: 4 OT (0: 1, 2: 1, 1: 1, 0: 1)

Goals: Lucic, 35:13. Tkachuk, 38:41 (big). Zadorov, 56:03. – Guryanov, 14:09 (big). Como, 39:54. Seguin, 41:34. Benn, 62:59.

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