Corridor in sports betting and bookmaker lines – what is it, how to find, how to bet on the middle?

Corridor in sports betting and bookmaker lines - what is it, how to find it, how to bet on the middle? 0 Sports betting strategies

The list of gaming strategies in betting is constantly growing. Bookmakers are gradually expanding their markets. Users react to this, trying to adapt to innovations and come up with new theories. But there are old-timer strategies. Despite the fact that they are many years old, they are constantly highly popular and are actively used by most bettors. The theory of “Corridor” is one of such play directions. What is the reason for the popularity of this strategy?


  1. The essence of the strategy
  2. How to bet by strategy?
  3. Betting at current odds
  4. Along the movement of the line
  5. Polish midway in bets
  6. How to find corridors?
  7. Summing up

The essence of the strategy

Corridor is 2 bets on opposite outcomes of the same event, but differing in their value. For example, in a basketball match, a “lineout” can be made using 2 bets:

  • TB (150.5);
  • TM (153.5).

In this case, the lineout is 3 points. If in a basketball match the teams score 151-153 points in total, then both bets will play – the bettor will be in the “lineout”. If the opponents score up to 150 points and more than 154 points, one bet will win, the opposite one will bring a loss. Winning on the first bet compensates for most of the losses on the second option.

The main feature of the strategy is that in case of falling into the “corridor”, the user gets a double win, if he does not hit, the losses will be minimal

Some young bettors believe that the strategy being studied is one of the dishonest methods of the game. And this is one of the main reasons for blocking an account by a bookmaker. The theory is similar to surebets, which are popular dishonest methods of playing, for which bookmakers close their account without the right to withdraw their winnings. But the bookmaker will not impose sanctions for the bettor's use of the “corridor” strategy. It refers to fair game methods, where the user does not have a 100% chance of winning. In general, the theory hides many pitfalls.

How to bet by strategy?

You need to choose sports and matches for them, where high performance is provided – basketball, tennis (number of games), volleyball, handball.

The theory is mainly used in two types of bets:

  • Handicaps;
  • Totals.

The strategy itself is divided into 2 main types:

  • Before the start of the meeting at the current odds;
  • By the movement of the line before the start of the match or during the confrontation in live mode.

Each species has its own characteristics.

Betting at current odds

In the match of basketball national teams “USA – Czech Republic” within the framework of the strategy, you can place 2 bets:

  • TB (182.5) at a factor of 1.8;
  • TM (184.5) – 1.8.

The amount of each bet is 100 rubles. If the teams collectively score 183-184 points, the user will receive a prize for each option: 80 + 80 = 160 rubles. In case of losing one of the bets, the loss will be: 100 – 80 = 20 rubles.

You can increase the “corridor”:

  • TB (181.5) at a factor of 1.7;
  • TM (185.5) – 1.7.

The “corridor” has increased to 4 points. The probability of getting into it doubles, but the total profit decreases (140 rubles) and the potential loss increases (30 rubles).

Experienced users try to bet on opposite options in different offices. This can make it possible to find the widest “tunnel” at high quotes. In Betcity bookmaker the coefficient 1.7 is set for TB (181.5).

And in BC Leon such quotes can be seen within the TB (180.5). In the same office 1.7 is on TM (186.5). In BC Leon, the “corridor” is 6 points – the probability of getting into it is 50% higher in comparison with Betcity.

It is better for the user to register with several bookmakers and place opposite bets at the most favorable values: in one bookmaker or in different

Along the movement of the line

This is a more difficult direction. The main task of the bettor is to predict the possible nature of the line movement.

In the match between the national teams “Spain – Slovenia” in BC Betcity on TB (179.5), the coefficient is set to 2.08. On the opposite option, TM (179.5) – 1.7. The “corridor” in the coefficients is: 2.08 – 1.7 = 0.38. For example, during the analysis, it became clear that the performance of the match should be high. Bookmakers made a mistake in the quotes and on TB (179.5) there should have been a coefficient significantly lower than 2.08. Most users are able to calculate this situation. This presupposes a strong load of TB, which will lead to a decrease in quotations for this variant of the total. In parallel, the coefficients should grow on TM.

What is loading is described in detail in a separate article.

In such a situation, you should bet on TB (179.5) at a coefficient of 2.08 and wait for the quotes to change to the opposite option and monitor their movement. For example, over time, the line for the selected match changed so much that it became 2.08 on TM (179.5). With such values, we bet on TM and for any outcome we get a profit:

  • TB (179.5) for 2.08 we set 1000 rubles – potential profit is 1 080 rubles;
  • TM (179.5) for 2.08 we put 1000 rubles. – 1,080 rubles.

For any outcome, the user will earn 80 rubles.

This strategy is very similar to a fork. But for this approach, the bookmaker will not block the account. However, it should be noted that with a large number of such “corridors”, the security service can start checking the game account. The user will have to prove that this is not a classic fork.

The resulting arbitration was the result of a competent game of the user, who calculated: the possible nature of the struggle, the expectations of users and, on the basis of this, the movement of the line. In case of incorrect calculations, the bettor will lose part of the put money, if he does not guess with the movement of the line. Therefore, the surebet arising due to the change in the odds, when the second bet was placed a long time after the first, does not refer to dishonest methods of play. But it can become the reason for the close attention of the BC security service.

The ideal option was discussed above. Next, we will study the working (most real) case.

In the match “Australia – Germany”, for example, low performance is expected and it is expected that the majority of bettors will actively download TM. In such a situation, the user bets on TB (171.5) for 1.8. The same numbers in the line can be seen on TM (173.5). The “corridor” is 2 points. Under heavy load on the TM, the line will begin to move. The coefficient on TM will decrease. If the decline is strong, then over time 1.8 may stand, for example, at TM (181.5). In such a situation, the bettor places a second bet on the indicated variation and the “corridor” will increase from 2 to 10 points:

  • TB (171.5);
  • TM (181.5).

In popular championships (NBA), the changes can be even greater and the “corridor” is wider.

With this, it is worth considering 2 points:

  • If bets are made before the start of the meeting, you should choose popular tournaments and matches for them. In low-ranked championships, the movement of the line is rarely very active.
  • It is better to place a bet according to the “corridor” strategy based on the movement of the line during the match, when the nature of the struggle is visible and it is possible to more accurately predict a possible change in quotations. During the meeting, changes to the line are made by the BC analyst. Having a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents, seeing the nature of the struggle, one can predict the actions of the bookmaker's employee. It is more difficult to predict the load before the start of the confrontation based on bettors' rates. Often, when it seems that everyone will bet on TM, there is a decrease in the coefficients on TB. This brings a tangible loss in theory.

Polish midway in bets

This type of strategy is usually used in football, when one bet is on the victory of the team, the second on a positive Asian handicap of the opponent (+0.25).

In the CSKA – Lokomotiv clash, you can bet on the home team to win for 2.25 and on the Asian guests' handicap F2 (+0.25) for 1.92. If you put 460 rubles on the first option, and 540 rubles on the second. – the total net profit in case of winning one of the bets will be 36 rubles (3.6% of the total amount of the put money).

In case of a tie, the user loses all the money on the bet on CSKA Victoria.

A separate instruction will help you understand how the bet on a positive Asian handicap will be calculated, and in general what kind of outcome it is.

F2 (+0.25) is divided into 2 parts: F2 (0) and F2 (+0.5). The bet amount is divided in half. In our case, the bet amount is 540 rubles. – 270 rubles each. Calculation of the rate:

  • F2 (0) – return of 270 rubles;
  • H2 (+0.5) – the winning by the coefficient 1.92 is 270 * 1.92 = 518 rubles. Net profit – 248 rubles.

The loss in W1 was 460 rubles. Lokomotiv's net winnings on the Asian handicap are 248 rubles. Loss: 248 – 460 = (-212) (21% of the total bank).

Total: if one of the teams wins, the profit will be 3.6% of the total bet amount, in case of a draw, the loss is equal to 21% of the total bet amount

Experienced users practically do not use Polish corridors: potential profit and possible loss are incomparable

How to find corridors?

You can search for suitable options using surebets scanners. They indicate in which offices and sports confrontations there is a strong gap in the coefficients, which allows you to choose the widest possible “corridor” for high quotes. But you need to use paid scanners. They provide information on surebets, which are split by odds up to 20% or more. Free programs indicate arbitrage at 1-2%. Such parameters will not provide effective help for the studied theory.

Paying for paid scanners for playing by surebets can be rational. This theory assumes 100% result. From the income received, a part of the money can be allocated for using the program. Paying for scanners to search for a “corridor” is irrational. This theory does not assume 100% income. If, in theory, there is a minus at a distance, then the payment for using the scanner will increase the losses.

It is better to search for promising options manually. To do this, you need to study bookmakers and find those where wide corridors are observed (this was also seen in this article when comparing Betcity and Leon). You should find pairs of bookmakers where you can bet on the widest “tunnel” with high odds. Such a search will take a lot of time, but it will allow you not to pay for scanners and subsequently receive increased profits while reducing potential losses.

Summing up

The “corridor” strategy attracts users with the opportunity to make a profit at two opposite rates at once. In case of losing one of the bets, the total losses will be low. The theory attracts young users with its simplicity. But success is based on a high percentage of luck. And when betting on the movement of the line, the winning at a distance is based on experience and laborious analytical work.

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