Creator Mario talks about the next game – he hopes it can attract a new audience

Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, talked about plans for the development of the franchise. According to him, Super Mario Odyssey has shown an increased interest from players in the 3D parts of the series, so the next game will be created with an eye on a wider audience.

According to Miyamoto, 2D parts of a franchise like New Super Mario Bros. remain more popular with casual gamers due to their simplicity, while new 3D games are constantly getting more complex.

Shigeru Miyamoto Shigeru Miyamoto:

“After the release of Super Mario Galaxy in 2007, we wanted to make the game more accessible, which led to the creation of New Super Mario Bros Wii, a side-scrolling game that even beginners can play. We later released Super Mario Run for mobile, which was even easier. But we see that players of all generations are happy to play Super Mario Odyssey, so in order to move forward, you need to expand in new directions. “

In 2020, LEGO and Nintendo announced a partnership with a line of themed sets, including the Nintendo Entertainment System Model Building Block and an interactive Mario figure. Later, a similar figure of Luigi was announced separately. If you play them synchronously, you will receive coin bonuses.

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