Cricket simulator release postponed – cover athlete was sending out dicks

Big Aunt has postponed the release of the Cricket 22 cricket simulator to December 2. The developers announced this on Twitter. According to them, they need to redo the cover, make changes to other visual elements, and also adjust the rosters.

According to users, the reason for the transfer was the scandal with Tim Payne, whose photo was supposed to appear on the cover of Cricket 22. It was revealed that in 2017 Payne sent the woman he worked with several obscene text messages, as well as a photo of the penis. She lodged a complaint, but an internal investigation concluded that the correspondence was a matter of mutual consent.

The situation was made public in November 2021. Payne stated that he regretted his act, and also apologized to his wife and the woman he sent messages to. In addition, the athlete resigned from the post of captain of the Australian national team.

Big Aunt announced that Pat Cummins, Australia's vice captain, will be appearing on the digital covers of Cricket 22. In the meantime, physical copies of the game will remain with the original covers.

Meg Lanning and Tim Payne on the original coverMeg Lanning and Pat Cummins on the updated cover 1/2 Meg Lanning & Tim Payne on original cover

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