D'Alembert, Counter-D'Alembert and Back-D'Alembert strategy: how to set, examples, advice, opinion

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The financial strategy of d'Alembert (d'Alembert) bets provides for a smooth increase in the bet size by a certain value in increments that correspond to the selected amount. An increase in the rate occurs in the event of a loss. If you win, the cycle starts over.

Let's say an amount of 5 rubles is chosen. The sequence will be as follows: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc.

The system relies on the fact that sooner or later, this or that event will surely happen. In part, the technique is based on the law of large numbers, which guarantees a uniform probability distribution over a long series of random events. For example, the probability of getting each number from 1 to 6 on a dice is 16.67%. If you roll the dice 100 times, it is unlikely that all the options will fall out 16-17 times. But if we increase the number of actions, say, up to 10 thousand times, then the results will be closer to the mathematical expectation.

The main principles of the d'Alembert strategy:

  • Play at odds of about 3;
  • Increase in the amount of the bet in case of loss;
  • At the first step, use a maximum of 3% of the deposit.

Due to the first point, the system is not widely popular among ordinary players, since only a few regularly use outcomes with such high quotes. It is pointless to make a bet at random, even on odds. Obviously, the d'Alembert method will work when analyzing events and good passability of forecasts.

Let's consider examples of a strategy game, its varieties and tips for use.


  1. Standard d'Alembert system
  2. Back d'Alembert strategy
  3. Counter-D'Alembert strategy
  4. Opinion on strategy

Standard d'Alembert system

The size of the first deal is 100 rubles. For convenience, the amount of money can be taken as a conventional unit. If the bet comes in, the cycle is complete. If it fails, the next step is bet one more unit (until winning).

The coefficient is 3.

Rate No. Sum Result Profit
1 100 Losing -100
2 200 Losing -300
3 300 Losing -600
4 400 Losing -1000
5 500 Losing -1500
6 600 Winnings -300

In the sixth step, the deal was successful. The payment was 1800 rubles (600 * 3.00), but at the end of the cycle, the loss is 300 rubles (from 1800, past losses (1500) and the size of the sixth bet (600) are deducted).

If you do not deviate from the system, then it will be working (with a coefficient of 3) only until the fifth stage. It is clear that the higher the quotes, the later the minus step will come, but the probability of losing streak is much higher.

It is unreasonably risky to use the d'Alembert strategy in this form.

Back d'Alembert strategy

The rules for this method are as follows:

  • In case of loss, the size of the bet is increased by one;
  • In case of entering a bet, the amount is reduced by one (we go back one step).

The first rate (unit) is 100 rubles. The coefficient is 3.

Rate No. Sum Result Profit
1 100 Losing -100
2 200 Losing -300
3 300 Winnings +200
4 200 Losing 0
5 300 Losing -300
6 400 Winnings +500

It is clear that the sixth step could lose and the total losses would have amounted to 700 rubles, but the risks, in comparison with the previous version of the method, are slightly less.

Counter-D'Alembert strategy

In contrast to the d'Alembert system discussed in the previous paragraph, the Counter-D'Alembert strategy was created.

The same is done, just the opposite:

  • Win – the rate is increased by one;
  • Losing – the amount is reduced by one.

Example of bets (odds 3):

Rate No. Sum Result Profit
1 100 Losing -100
2 100 Winnings +100
3 200 Winnings +500
4 300 Losing -200
5 200 Losing 0
6 100 Winnings +200

If you lose on the first step, keep betting the initial amount.

The advantage of this approach is that when the streak is lost, the losses are reduced, and when the streak is successful, you earn more. The disadvantage, like all d'Alembert strategies, is high quotes.

Opinion on strategy

The method is intended primarily for experienced bettors who are able to analyze some events better than bookmakers (at a distance). No one is immune from negative streaks, but if among your results 5 failures are not common in a row, you can pay more attention to the system and at least test it yourself.

If you decide to use the d'Alembert strategy for playing in a bookmaker's office, then be prepared for a smooth and unhurried increase in your bankroll. Naturally, this requires a thorough approach to forecasting and finding non-obvious outcomes with quotes from 3. In case of problems with discipline, patience and endurance, postpone the use of the method until you improve the sounded skills.

The game bank is perhaps the most important part of the strategy. I understand that when there are several thousand on the account, I am reluctant to start the cycle with 10-30 rubles in order to get about the same profit. Learn to be greedy. Gain experience, improve your skills – if you cannot make money on small amounts, where are the guarantees that you will achieve success with an impressive bank?

The amount of the first step should be 3%, even 2%. For example, if you start with 1% at all, then to lose all funds, you will need 13 unsuccessful bets in a row.

By the way, you can make the first bet not immediately, but after a certain series. For example, start betting on total over 3.5 in a team's matches when it has not played with this total in five fights (use this as one of the analysis elements, not as the only factor to determine the outcome).

The d'Alembert strategy will be effective if you find underestimated outcomes with high odds. Otherwise, at a distance the player will be in the red (opinion of the author).

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