Dark Souls Creator: “I will continue to create interesting and valuable games.”

FromSoftware studio head Hidetaka Miyazaki thanked fans after Dark Souls won the Game of All Time nomination at the 2021 Golden Joystick Awards. The game designer's words were cited by Yahoo! Japan.

Hidetaka Miyazaki Hidetaka Miyazaki:

“I still can't believe that so many people voted for our game among other nominees. Thanks to everyone who made the game and helped during development, including the folks at FromSoftware and Bandai Namco. Thanks to all the fans who played Dark Souls and supported the game. I am grateful to each of you. <...> I was deeply moved by this award. I will continue to create interesting and valuable games. I hope you will be waiting for them. “

The 2021 Golden Joystick Awards took place on November 24. Horror Resident Evil Village won four nominations including Game of the Year. More details on the list of winners can be found in the material.

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