Djokovic supported protesters for the cancellation of an environmentally hazardous project

The first racket of the world Serb Novak Djokovic spoke about the ongoing protests that are taking place in Serbia related to the mining project. In the past few days, the country's public has expressed its dissatisfaction with the government's plan to allow mining company Rio Tinto to mine lithium in the country despite environmental concerns.

– Given the current civil protests throughout Serbia, which indicate the need for a serious and concrete approach to important environmental issues, I decided to appeal to the public, convinced of the enormous importance of these topics for all of us.

I know that other demands are voiced at the protest, which have a political connotation. I want to distance myself from “position” and “opposition”, political trends of any kind. I have always tried to be apolitical. It worries me that a person cannot emphasize their personal position and opinions on the basic elements of life and health, such as air, water and food, without being “labeled” as left, right, opposition, democrat, progressive, socialist, etc.

I will not give up the fight for justice and truth. I try to adhere to the true values and principles of life, which, in my opinion, are the basis of the life of every person and a healthy society. I hear comments that an athlete “intervenes where he does not belong”, but I am a man before I am an athlete or something like that. Like everyone else, – wrote the tennis player in Instagram stories.

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