Does the MIG 2 soccer betting strategy work? Description and verification of the strategy

Sports betting strategies

MIG 2 is a football strategy that involves betting simultaneously on opposite outcomes in three matches. Some options are combined into an express, and on others, single bets are made.

The following scenarios are possible:

  • negative – loss of half of the investment (50%);
  • neutral – exit to zero (0%);
  • positive – two options for making a profit (50% of the invested funds).

The strategy is called MIG 2 because after two successful cycles, the money invested is returned, after which the deposit begins to increase.


  1. Theory
  2. results
  3. Opinion
  4. Summary


Bets are placed on half totals, for example 2.5 in football.

3 matches are selected. The odds for one leverage should be at least 1.85, and for the second – more than 2. If the values are lower, the technique will not work even in theory.

3 options, let it be TM 2.5 for about 1.85, are combined into a tee (100 rubles). Express Cash – 6.33.

Then 3 single bets are drawn up for the reverse outcome, that is, at TB 2.5 per odds, not less than 2.00 (100 rubles for each).

Total delivered – 400 rubles.


Let's calculate the results for all possible scenarios with the minimum quotes – 6.33 tees and 2 all ordinaries.

Option 1 : -50%. Express didn't play because of one minus. If 2 out of 3 tee options have entered, respectively, out of 3 single bets, only one will play.

100 rubles * odds 2 = 200 rubles.

400 (amount of funds delivered) – 200 (payout) = 200 balance. Out of 400 rubles, 200 remained (half of the investment was lost).

Option 2 : 0%. The express does not come in due to two errors. This means that 2 single bets wins.

100 rubles * odds 2.00 = 200 rubles * 2 single = 400 rubles. I managed to get to zero.

Option 3 : + 50%. Every tee match loses. Accordingly, 3 single trades are entered.

100 rubles * odds 2 = 200 rubles * 3 single = 600 rubles.

600 (payment) – 400 (investments) = 200 rubles (profit).

Option 4 : + 50%. Express wins (single bets lose).

100 rubles (bet amount) * odds of the express 6.33 = 633 rubles.

633 – 400 = 233 rubles. Earnings even exceed 50% of the invested 400 rubles.


Everything is planned perfectly – in the worst case scenario, we will lose only 50% of the money allocated for the cycle. Of the four options, only one is unprofitable, and two are profitable.

If this were actually the case, you would probably have known about the MiG-2 strategy much earlier.

To win, you need to enter either all single bets or an express. If you play with tees, you can make single bets to insure your investment. What then is the problem? There are several factors:

  • There are 4 possible outcomes, but the likelihood of each is different. The chances of winning are 50% lower than the chances of breaking or losing;
  • Odds. Find a quote of 1.85 on one shoulder for a total of 2.5 in football, and above 2 on the opposite. Such values are found, but so rarely that it is not always possible to find 3 suitable matches even on weekends when the TOP of the league is played. For other championships, bookmakers are unlikely to offer margin on total below 4%.

You can try to place single bets in different offices in order to get the desired range of quotes, but do not bother.


Any of the four scenarios of the considered strategy is better than just collecting the express and not backing it up with single bets (subject to suitable odds).

The strategy is needed in order to increase the chances of success. What does MiG-2 offer?

Roughly the same quotes are playing. Roughly speaking, the probability, according to the offices, is 50 to 50.

It turns out that 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2 = 0.125 * 100% = 12.5%

These are the chances of all three single bets entering. The situation with express is the same – 12.5%. The overall probability of winning half of the investment is 25%.

Chances for two ordinaries: 1/2 * 1/2 = 0.25 * 100% = 25% (exit to zero).

The probability of one victory: 1/2 = 0.5 * 100% = 50%.

We exclude 25% (probability of return), since these funds remain in the strategy turnover. As a result, the chances of failure and winning are about 65 to 35%.

The problem is that there is no difference – to earn or lose 50% of the investment as a result of one cycle. At a distance, the MIG-2 system will be unprofitable.

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