“Dziuba serves well.” Medvedev on Match TV praised the tennis skills of the Zenit forward

Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev told how winning the US Open changed him.

– Daniel before “Helmet” and after “Helmet” – two different people?

– Absolutely not. Precisely as a person, it has not exactly changed, because I have my own path. And I understood that even if this happens, nothing will change. Another question is that I am a different tennis player, because there is a Grand Slam title that many dream of, and I am no exception. I dreamed about it since childhood, for a long time it seems like a dream that will never come true, because basically, when you are in the top 100, you come to the Grand Slam tournaments and lose the first, second, third round. Then you think: “Well, what a“ Helmet ”. Naturally, when there are already two finals, you realize that perhaps this is real. Of course, I am very glad that I managed to achieve this.

– How were the first days after the victory?

– I live in such a way that the most memorable moments, of course, will remain in my memory. I remember moments from childhood, so I will not specifically keep these two days in my memory, so that every moment is preserved. What is remembered, it will surely pop up at some point.

– Do you believe that you could have won the “Helmet” without working with a psychologist?

– I can not answer this question. This applies to all team members. Could I be the Slam champion if not for Gilles? In a sense, I will belittle my merits if I say no, but if I say yes, I will belittle Gilles. Working with a psychologist helps 100 percent. Could I have won without this Helmet? Impossible to find out.

– You have a very unusual technique. Have you always been so plastic?

– As far as I know, on the contrary. I was uncoordinated, but due to this, this technique turned out.

– I know that you and Artem Dzyuba played in FIFA. Evaluate his tennis game, – said Sofya Tartakova and showed an excerpt from Dziuba's tennis game.

– Serves well. I don't know how old he started playing. I know that amateurs from above do not like to serve, they are scared, they throw the ball from below all the time. He serves well, hits. And there were no more strikes (in the video).

– Your audience adores you. It's like real human relationships, from love to hate. You manage this audience very skillfully, in a good way.

– I remain myself. If people love me, they really love me, not someone I created out of myself. They see that you are, perhaps someone will hate you. But there will be people who support me, and I will know that they support me.

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Medvedev is not taking part in the 2021 VTB Kremlin Cup due to the fatigue that has accumulated at the end of a difficult season.

This year, the Russian played 61 matches, scoring 50 victories and 11 defeats.

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