Fan Created TES V: Skyrim Draugr Dungeon For Tabletop Campaign

A user named Valhir98 built a mock dungeon for the draugr from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He shared the finished project on reddit.

Valhir98 has created a large scale campaign map for the Dungeons & Dragons RPG campaign. On the model you can see the labyrinths of the destroyed fortress, bound by ice. As the man noted, this is his first such work – it took four months to create it.

Previously, a neuroscientist created a modification for the VR version of TES V: Skyrim, which changed the way magic works. To cast spells, the user needs to concentrate on the enchantments. In addition to the virtual reality helmet, the mod requires the Muse 2 meditation hoop to work.

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