Foot: All the information transfer window of September 14

While the summer transfer window has recently closed its doors, the time has come to take stock for the clubs. Le 10 Sport invites you to find the latest transfer window information.

Here is the transfer window information for the day, updated in real time:

19:30: PSG: After his arrival in Paris , Messi still trying to settle a big file!

19:15: PSG: Messi, Ramos… Pochettino launches a warning after the XXL recruitment!

19:10: PSG: Marquinhos sends a strong message on the arrival of Messi!

19:00: Barcelona: Laporta embarks on a colossal project!

6:50 pm: Harry Kane ready to extend to Tottenham?

6:45 pm: PSG: Benzema’s new exit on the Mbappé soap opera! … David Alaba says everything about his departure!

6:10 pm: Barcelona: Koeman in danger? Laporta’s response!

5:45 PM: PSG: A € 50M boost for Real Madrid with Mbappé? (Clermont)…

17:15: PSG: The tide is turning in the Pogba file!

16:30: PSG: For this Real Madrid star, Leonardo didn’t stand a chance!

16:15: PSG: This sensational outing on the soap opera Lionel Messi! : OM: This huge revelation on this aborted transfer of Mandanda!

16:00: Barcelona: Memphis Depay could have played a bad trick… at PSG!

15:45: PSG: Un Pochettino player still hallucinates the arrival of Messi!

15:30: PSG: The Spanish press releases a new bomb on Mbappé!

15:15: PSG: Mbappé, Vinicius Jr … Qatar has attempted a huge operation!

15:10: This strong exit on the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United!

15:00: Barcelona: Laporta is already preparing the succession of Koeman!

14:10: A surprise destination is confirmed for Ben Arfa!

14:00: Simeone is already calling out to Griezmann!

13:30: Cristiano Ronaldo’s huge confession on his return to Manchester United!

13:15: PSG: Wijnaldum could have signed well before …

13:00: OM: A new African nugget on the way?

12:45: PSG: Kylian Mbappé continues his sound forcing to leave!

12:10: OM: David Luiz justifies his choice to snub Longoria!

12:05: Manchester United is working on two big files!

12 : 00: ASSE: Romeyer’s shocking announcement on the sale of ASSE!

11:45: PSG: The Paul Pogba case takes a huge turn!

11:30: PSG: Barcelona, ​​Pochettino… Wijnaldum says everything about his arrival!

11:23: Things get stuck for M’Baye Niang?

11:15: PSG: Leonardo had Huge competition for Wijnaldum!

11:10: PSG: Paul Pogba has made a big decision!

11:00: Real Madrid: Thunderbolt for this Ancelotti star! < br>
10:45: PSG: Di Maria clearly announces the color for his future!

10:30: Real Madrid: The huge exit of an Ancelotti star on his future! < br>
10:15: PSG: Wijnaldum justifies his arrival in the QSI project!

10:10: PSG: Pogba’s brother opens the ball for his future!

10:00: Barcelona: A colossal reinforcement already buckled by Laporta?

09:15: PSG: The Pogba clan lets go of its truths about its future!

09:00: OM: Eyraud never left .. .

08:45: PSG: A Real Madrid star gives his opinion on the Mbappé file!

08:15: PSG: Mbappé has made a sensational announcement to Real Madrid!

08:00: PSG: After Messi, what should Leonardo’s next € 0 move be?

07:45: PSG: A new Donnarumma scenario is becoming clearer for Leonardo!

07:30: Juventus no longer want to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo!

07:15: PSG: A decisive meeting in this Leonardo € 0 dossier?

07:00: Barcelona: Already a first threat for this new 0 € blow from Laporta?

01:45: PSG: The enormous confidence of this teammate of Messi on his transfer!

01:30: Cristiano Ronaldo is totally adopted at Manchester United!

01:15: PSG: New big revelations about Messi’s transfer!

01:00: Barcelona: Laporta has made a big decision for this track at 70M €!

00:45: Barcelona: Laporta has made a big decision for this track at 70M €!

00:30: Barcelona: Laporta would like to complete a big blow to 0 €!

00:15: PSG: This huge revelation about the turbulent summer of Donnarumma!

00:00: Barcelona: This new strong outing on Griezmann’s return to Atlético!

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