“I would like a simple Russian guy to own this achievement.” Antipov – about Gretzky's record

Five-time Russian ice hockey champion Vladimir Antipov hopes that Alexander Ovechkin will be able to beat Wayne Gretzky's record for the number of goals scored in the NHL.

– With the young Alexander Ovechkin you played for the Russian national team. Then it was already clear that he was a future superstar?

– Of course. When Ovechkin was only 18 years old, this was already absolutely clear. We cheer for him to break Gretzky's record. I would like a simple Russian guy to own this achievement. So he will prove to everyone that our hockey is better.

At the moment, Ovechkin is ranked fourth on the list of snipers in the entire history of the NHL, with 745 goals.

  • “Ovechkin reminds us that great people develop regardless of age and difficulties” – Friedman

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