Igor Nikitin: “Now it will be more difficult for Kaprizov, but he needs to cope with it”

Igor Nikitin:

Former CSKA head coach Igor Nikitin, under whose leadership Kirill Kaprizov played for three years, shared his opinion on the Russian striker's new contract with Minnesota.

– Cyril makes his dream come true. How good a contract he signed is up to him and the agent to decide. The main thing is that he is happy that he will play. And Kirill plays hockey with all his heart, this is important when you are doing what you love. I'm glad for him. I wish you the same bright seasons and no injuries.

Did he do the right thing that he did not choose Russia? After all, there were rumors that he would return to CSKA?

– It was just rumors.

Did you follow him last season?

– Yes, we corresponded, I saw some of his games, and watched the playoffs in full.

What did you talk to him about?

– Yes, about everything. He asked how things were at CSKA, told how he lived. What happens, what does not.

After you left CSKA, what did he write to you?

– He called immediately, supported.

Was Kaprizov's last season perfect?

– I don't think perfect. Kucherov's ideal is when he has the Stanley Cup.

Well, Minnesota and the Stanley Cup are slightly different things

– I would not say that. They have a good team and the game was last year. I don’t know what will happen to the squad this year. Hockey is a team sport and Kirill is a team player. As far as I know him from his games for CSKA, he is very worried about the team's result.

Has he grown in comparison with CSKA as a hockey player this year?

– Definitely. I got this experience. No matter how you prepare in your head, until you try on your own skin, what is the NHL you will not really feel. He had skill and health here as well, but he was able to synchronize everything with his head, to put it in order. Not everyone succeeds in this. Definitely the season has grown to him.

“Minnesota” wanted to sign him for the maximum term, but in the end a contract for five years.

– These are business cases. Each side decided its own issues. I can't say anything here

Can we talk about Kaprizov as a star of Minnesota , or even the entire NHL?

– As a Minnesota star – definitely. About the NHL star … There are a lot of outstanding players, Kirill has spent only one season so far. Every day you need to prove your worth Now it will definitely not be easier for him. The attitude towards him will no longer be like a beginner. Nobody knew him. We heard that some Whims would come, but who is it. Now the Defenders will play against him in a different way and will release certain players under him. These are already tactical moments. It will not be easy for Kirill, but this needs to be dealt with, ”Nikitin said.

We will remind, Caprice became the most expensive player “Wild”, having signed a five-year contract for $ 45 million.

  • Whims – about the new contract: “Now I will try to focus on the game and victories”

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