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Outsider Insurance is a soccer betting strategy that involves betting two on different events. One bet is made in favor of the favorite, and the other – in favor of the underdog.

Let's take a closer look at the methodology and understand whether it is worth trying to delve into it and place bets on a regular basis.


  1. The essence of the strategy
  2. Example strategy
  3. Outcome

The essence of the strategy

The first step is to select a duel where there is a clear favorite. The odds for his success must be at least 1.25, but also not higher than 1.45. Bet on his clean win. The transaction amount must always be the same. Let's say 100 rubles.

Next, find a match with a clear outsider who plays at home. Quotes for a team win or a double chance (1X) must be between 5-8. We bet on the underdog – the amount of net profit on the first bet. Those. if you bet 100 at odds of 1.25 – now bet 25 rubles, if at odds of 1.45 – 45 rubles. I think the logic is clear.

Possible scenarios

# 1 – the favorite wins – return of the staked funds, even if the underdog loses.

# 2 – passing a bet on an outsider if the favorite loses will bring insignificant profit.

# 3 – if the favorite and the underdog are successful, the profit will be at least 115% of the amount of transactions.

# 4 – if two bets fail, you lose all your money.

Example strategy

In Betcity bookmaker we select two suitable outcomes. In the League of Nations, we are waiting for the victory of Italy over Bosnia and Herzegovina (bet on the favorite) and the fact that Ukraine will beat Spain (bet on the outsider).

We bet 100 rubles on the success of the Italians (od 1.31). The potential winnings are 131 rubles (31 net), so we bet 31 rubles on the winnings of the Ukrainians (od 6).

Possible results

No. 1 – the triumph of Italy and a draw or failure in the match Spain – Ukraine, return of the staked funds.

# 2 – losing the bet on the favorite and winning the deal on the underdog. The payment will be 186 rubles (profit is 55 rubles, excluding bet amounts).

No. 3 – victories of Italians and Ukrainians – the total payout is 317, and the net profit is 186 rubles

No. 4 – two deals were unsuccessful – minus 131 rubles.

In two cases out of four, they managed to gain profit, in another case the money was returned. Only when the two selected teams are inferior will all betting funds be lost.


Underdog insurance seems to be good, as betting on the favorite will hedge the underdog bet. If the weaker team wins, it will be possible to increase the deposit. However, it is possible that the favorite may fail.

The strategy has the right to life, since almost everything depends on competent analysis and the ability to predict. If you regularly successfully bet on outsiders, then such insurance will allow you to lose less.

Everything is in your hands – try the technique, test different approaches, experiment.

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