Karen Khachanov: “Chilich is an unpleasant and strong opponent”

Russian tennis player Karen Khachanov shared his expectations from the upcoming second round match of the ATP tournament in St. Petersburg against Croat Marina Chilic.

Your next opponent is Marin Cilic. How will you prepare for the match with him?

– He played well that week, I am also in good shape now. We met once, it was three years ago in Cincinnati. A lot will depend on the supply and reception, how the rallies will begin. Marin is an unpleasant and strong opponent, he will have to prepare. I know what to expect, what I will have to do. I hope everything will work out, there will be a good tough match. I will tune in.

It was in St. Petersburg that you won your first match in the ATP. Do you remember him well? What does the St. Petersburg Open?

– Of course I remember. Yes, then I earned my first points. Until the last moment I waited and did not understand whether they were giving me a card as a basis, for qualification, or not at all. Then I was 17 years old, I came from the US Open, I was upset because I didn't play very well. Then he went out onto the court and did not understand how he beat the opponent. Has earned the first points – immediately 20. Good memories. It was a different arena, the old one, St. Petersburg Open looked a little different. Now there is more association with the updated tournament organized by Formula TX at the Sibur Arena – I have been coming since 2016.

Recall that in the first round Khachanov defeated the Frenchman Adrian Mannarino.

  • Khachanov beat Mannarino in St. Petersburg

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