“Let Sasha break Gretzky's record, and then we will record a new hit!” Comedy Club told about cooperation with Ovechkin

Comedy Club creative producer Alexei Lyaporov told how the idea of recording a humorous music video with Russian Washington forward Alexander Ovechkin came about.

– Garik Kharlamov is on very good terms with Ovechkin. And we thought that it would be nice to involve Sasha in the media, to come up with something for him. Moreover, he already came to Comedy a year ago. We posted this part on YouTube, and it went well. We realized that people want to see such blocks of world sports.

Through Garik they contacted Alexander. He replied: “Come on, great. I will try, although I don’t understand anything about it and I don’t know how to sing ” . But Garik said that Ovechkin was being shy: “I somehow crossed paths with him in karaoke and heard that he sings well .”

Having received consent, we wrote a song for Alexander. Seryoga Dragni tried. Seeing the material, Ovechkin approved it and made only minor edits to the text. He liked the inner sarcasm of the plot.

– Can Alexander, after hockey, build a career in cinema, like the former football player Vinnie Jones?

– This needs to be sick, to live. I do not deeply know Ovechkin if he wants such a fate for himself. He is very cool in hockey to go to serious actors later. He has enough to do in sports. But he may well appear in a cameo, Mike Tyson flashed in “The Hangover in Vegas.” If he wants, he can do anything.

– Don't you think that the song is rapidly becoming outdated? Ovechkin sings about 730 goals, but has already scored 734 goals in a week.

– Let it become obsolete! I believe that Sasha will not only win Olympic gold, but also break Wayne Gretzky's record. And then we will record a new hit.

On October 20, Ovechkin played his 1200th NHL regular season game.

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