Maddison on plans for 2022: “I will stop drinking for three weeks – I want to close up the baby”

Streamer Ilya Maddyson Davydov told what he plans to do in 2022. According to him, he wants to prepare for fatherhood – to start leading a healthy lifestyle and visit specialist doctors. He shared the information on a personal stream on Twitch.

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Ilya Maddyson Davydov Ilya Maddyson Davydov:

“At some point I will stop drinking for three weeks – I want to close up the baby next year. Probably, after the New Year I will get drunk, and then in January and until mid-February I will be gone. I will go and check my sperm with the doctors – I will learn how to do everything to close up the baby.

I believe that it is necessary to close up the baby in order to transfer all my skills to him by hire …, in the sense of working with the audience, so that someone could continue my great work. I’m not getting younger, I’m probably not going to find a second one like me ”.

Officially, Maddison did not declare that he was in a relationship with someone – earlier he broke up with streamer Ksenia Zanuda Sevastyanova. The community suggested that now Davydov's girlfriend is Christina FairLady Kalinovskaya.

Previously, Maddison selected the best games in the nominations of The Steam Awards 2021. He believes that the game of the year is Cyberpunk 2077. The streamer nominees in other categories can be found in the material .

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