Maddison Selected Top Titles at The Steam Awards 2021

Streamer Ilya Maddyson Davydov took part in the selection of the best titles of 2021 in the nominations of The Steam Awards. According to Davydov, Cyberpunk 2077 should become the “Game of the Year”. A cut with his reflections on the participants in each nomination is published on the Mad Highlights YouTube channel.

Ilya Maddyson Davydov Ilya Maddyson Davydov:

“Well, we've all seen nominations for the game of the year, even at the Game Awards itself, Deathloop and Rezik are the most adequate games. That is, this year there were no good games at all. Neither Deathloop nor “Rezik” I can give more than six points. And then, probably, I liked Deathloop more in the end, at least the original was a little. Here too I would choose Cyberpunk 2077, because last year, in my opinion, it was not. “

According to Maddyson, Cyberpunk 2077 did not live up to his expectations, but in 2021 there were no more worthy titles. The streamer also noted that the game may be more liked by users who ran it on a productive computer.

Ilya Maddyson Davydov Ilya Maddyson Davydov:

“I honestly admit that as much as Cyberpunk was a game that disappointed me, I haven't played anything better since its release. There was nothing better from AAA projects than Cyberpunk. If you played it on Xbox 360 or Dendi, or some other parasha, then you probably have a different opinion, because it is weird and unplayable there. But on a PC for 300k this game deserves a couple of extra points. “

You can participate in the selection of the best titles in The Steam Awards nominations from November 24 to December 1. Winners for each category will be announced on January 3, 2022. Users will be rewarded with an award badge for their participation. To do this, you need to fulfill one of the conditions: nominate one game, propose nominees in all categories, play the nominated game, or write a review for it.

Maddyson's 2021 Steam Awards Winners:

  • Virtual Reality Game of the Year – Cooking simulator VR;
  • Beloved Child – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim;
  • “A friend is known in the game” – It Takes Two;
  • Outstanding Visual Style – TOGETHER BnB;
  • Most Innovative Gameplay – Twelve Minutes;
  • Best Game You Can't Give – The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante ;
  • Best Soundtrack – Deathloop;
  • “Best Game with an Outstanding Story” – Doki Doki Literature Club !;
  • “Sit back” – MIR4 .

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