Mercato | Foot: All the information transfer window of September 28

Posted on September 28, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. by The editorial staff

While the summer transfer window has recently closed, the time has come to take stock for the clubs. Le 10 Sport invites you to find the latest transfer window information.

Here is the transfer window information for the day, updated in real time:

17:40: Arsenal: A clear trend for the future of Arteta!

17:30: PSG: Qatar launches a colossal operation for Kylian Mbappé!

17:15: PSG: Mbappé has not really forgiven in Qatar …

17:10: ASSE: Niang close to joining Puel in Saint-Étienne? He answers!

17:00: Barcelona: Laporta has found the solution for Ansu Fati!

16:30: PSG: Qatar is aiming very hard to replace Kylian Mbappé!

16:15: PSG: The new strong exit of Marquinhos on Lionel Messi!

16:10: ASSE: Sale, Cambodia, Aulas … A colossal project compromised by OL?

16:00: Barcelona: A deadline set for this XXL file?

15:45: PSG: Leonardo already receives bad news for Osimhen …

15:30: PSG: Marquinhos sends a huge message about his situation!

15:15: PSG: Huge disillusion for Leonardo in this big file?

15:10: ASSE: Romeyer already has a favorite to replace Puel !

15:00: Barcelona: Koeman steps up for his latest recruit!

14:45: PSG: Pochettino doubted his future in Paris…

14:30: PSG: A relative of Neymar opens the door to an arrival in Paris!

14:15: PSG: Messi could fulfill Neymar's wish for Mbappé's replacement!

14:10: ASSE: The successor of Puel already found internally?

14:00: ASSE: Caïazzo would pose a condition for the sale of the club!

13:45: PSG: A Announced successor of Kylian Mbappé comes out of the silence!

13:30: PSG: A huge operation is being prepared for Erling Haaland!

13:15: PSG: Leonardo launches into a colossal battle for 120M €!

13:10: PSG: A blow to the Donnarumma completed in January?

13:00: Barcelona: Juventus warns Laporta for Dybala!

12:45: PSG: The Haaland soap opera relaunched by … Christophe Galtier?

12:30: PSG: These huge revelations on the interest of Guardiola for Messi…

12:10: OM: Pablo Longoria definitely fooled by Laurent Blanc?

12:00: Barcelona: Laporta would have a new track to replace Koeman!

11:45: PSG: Leonardo tries a huge blow to 120M €!

11:15: PSG: Huge competition for Messi? The answer!

11:10: PSG: Raiola ready to make a shattering decision for Donnarumma?

11:00: ASSE: Huge chill cast on the club buyout!

10:45: PSG: Leonardo aims for a Serie A star to forget Mbappé!

10:30: Real Madrid: Ancelotti tries a totally improbable blow with … Aurier!
< br> 10:15: PSG: Kylian Mbappé would have failed Qatar again!

10:10: ASSE: An imminent dismissal of Claude Puel? The answer!

10:00: Real Madrid: Toni Kroos 'huge update on his future!

09:45: PSG: Marquinhos' shattering announcement on his future !

09:30: OM: The Sampaoli clan has made a big decision with its XXL recruit!

09:15: PSG: Neymar, clash … This new bomb on the Mbappé's future!

09:00: OM: A huge summer blow weighed down by Sampaoli?

08:45: PSG: New twist in this hot Leonardo issue!

08:30: Barcelona: Tuchel ready to pay 120M € to upset Barça!

08:20: LOSC: Keys abroad for Ikoné!

08:15: PSG: Guardiola tried a huge blow with … Messi!

08:00: PSG: Leonardo is going to complete the transfer of Erling Haaland?

07:45: PSG: This huge observation on the signing of Lionel Messi! !

07:00: OM: A huge opportunity at 0 € for Longoria?

01:45: PSG: Donnarumma gets tackled after his transfer to Paris!

01:30: Barcelona: Huge turnaround in this hot issue!

01:15: PSG: Pochettino can thank Tuchel for this important reinforcement!

01:00: PSG: Kylian Mbappé would have already made his decision!

00:30: OM: New rebound for this World Champion?

00:15: PSG: Excellent news for L eonardo with this protege of Tuchel!

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