Mercato | Mercato: Adil Rami justifies his return to Ligue 1!

Posted on November 19, 2021 at 8:05 p.m. by BC

Now in Troyes, Adil Rami has spoken about his return to Ligue 1, while the 35-year-old defender had other avenues for his future.

Free after his visit to Boavista , Adil Rami decided to come back to France this summer. However, the tricolor world champion had other avenues, especially in the United States , but the former OM preferred to commit to the ' ESTAC . A decision that he justifies in an interview with the Parisian. “In my head, I was going to go to Los Angeles. Everything was in place and I have lots of contacts there. Then I received three offers from L1 clubs. And Ligue 1 has really become a great brand. My children, who are 5 years old, are starting to take an interest in football and spoke to me a lot about Mbappé for example. There I started to think. […] I then thought back to the United States where the Covid prevented a lot of things. I realized that in France, we like my atypical and natural side. And I went for it, explains Adil Rami , who does not regret his choice. In my head, it's Disneyland! I want people to have fun and love me. I am like that. And I still want to stay in football for several years. If I set a specific date, I will pay it. “

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