Mercato | Mercato: After PSG, ASSE could also move into another world!

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Posted November 25, 2021 at 3:30 am by AM

Although the sale process is a little delayed, ASSE could well enter a new dimension thanks to the arrival of a very rich investor.

Tuesday evening, the ASSE revealed through a statement that he had refused the offers of the two candidates still in the running to buy the club. However, “the shareholders are pleased to note that new candidates presented themselves with files which meet the criteria requested by KPMG and await with serenity the recommendations of the audit firm concerning these candidates whose financial capacity is indisputable with a willingness to conclude as soon as possible. “And a very big project could see the light of day.

A billionaire wants to buy ASSE

Indeed, according to information from L'Equipe, four new candidates have entered the negotiations. Among them, a very powerful businessman would be the bearer of the project which arouses the most hope among the Greens. It must be said that it would be a billionaire pensioner of the famous Forbes ranking of the greatest fortunes in the world. This says a lot about the financial power of this businessman who could therefore allow ASSE to enter a new dimension.

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