Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: An obstacle at 15M € for this burning Dupraz file?

Posted on January 10, 2022 at 5.30 p.m. by Th.B. updated January 10, 2022 at 5:31 pm

While told you on Monday that Crystal Palace would have to find Jean-Philippe Mateta's replacement on the market in order to complete his loan to ASSE, the London club would also be obliged to accept to exercise the € 15M purchase option included in the loan agreement agreed with Mainz…

On December 22, as part of the last game of 2021 before the winter break, lost by the ' ASSE facing a realistic FC Nantes (1-0), Pascal Dupraz did not hide and ensured that he needed a significant recruitment this winter in order to have all the cards in hand for its maintenance operation, the ASSE pointing to the last place in the Ligue 1 standings. “Tonight, I saw the players reconnect with the public but that doesn't make the points. Before I came, I knew the task was complicated. I must quickly find the right formula. The transfer window will be important. We have to hurry to recruit to strengthen the team, bring more dynamism and consistency in all lines ”. And at the start of the winter transfer window, the leaders of the ASSE fulfill their part of the contract by having offered the services of three new elements to the coach Dupraz in the persons of Bakary Sako , Paul Bernardoni , and Sada Thioub . However, revealed to you on January 5 that yet another offensive cartridge should soon be made available to Dupraz : Jean Philippe Mateta . His arrival should have taken place after Crystal Palace in the FA Cup against Millwall (2-1). However, the situation has changed and one of the reasons mentioned by this Monday January 10 is the absence of the successor of Mateta in the squad of Palace . Indeed, as long as an attacker is not found on the market to fill the void left by Jean Philippe Mateta , the London club will not cede their player to ASSE . But that wouldn't be the only reason.

Having found Mateta's replacement, Crystal Palace would have to exercise its option to buy!

This Monday afternoon, RMC Sport took stock of the progress of the Jean Philippe Mateta dossier . Although the 24-year-old French forward is on loan at Crystal Palace until the end of the season with a 15M € purchase option by Mainz , he has already given his approval to ASSE according to the journalist < strong> Loïc Tanzi . The Bundesliga resident would refuse to stand idly by and would like Crystal Palace to exercise upstream the purchase option in question before taking out the loan from Mateta at ASSE . Thing that the leaders of Palace would not have agreed to do so for the moment, which explains the fact that the file is at a standstill for the ASSE at the moment T.
< br> In parallel, the situation of Jean Philippe Mateta would have alerted two other European clubs, namely FC Basel and Newcastle. Regarding the offer of the Swiss club, it would be identical to that of 'ASSE according to RMC Sport, or a six-month loan until the end of the season. As for the Magpies, the suspense would remain unresolved as the nature of the operation would remain unknown at this stage. It remains to be seen whether the ASSE will finally succeed in securing the services of Mateta , for that, it will be necessary on the one hand that Crystal Palace finds his successor on the market and on the other hand agrees to exercise the option to buy the French striker…

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