Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: Bernardoni's huge punchline on Thioub!

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Posted January 8, 2022 at 4:10 pm by AM

Loaned to ASSE, Paul Bernardoni was accompanied by Sada Thioub with whom he will share a new club. The opportunity to room his teammate.

As revealed exclusively by, the ASSE has obtained the loans of Paul Bernardoni and Sada Thioub . The two players will thus share a third locker room together after those of Nîmes and Angers . Present in front of the media for his official presentation, Paul Bernardoni took the opportunity to chamber Sada Thioub who followed him again to his new club.

“I can't blame him”

“I can't blame him, so it's complicated (laughs). No, this is the third club, it is not especially wanted. But so much the better, we find it nice, we have a lot of room for it. We say to ourselves: “Next time, as soon as Sada leaves, I know that I will arrive or vice versa”. It's nice, it's always good to arrive at a club when you know someone, especially when they are people that you esteem on and off the pitch, ”he confided at a press conference.

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