Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: Caïazzo and Romeyer make a sensational announcement for the sale of the club!

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Posted November 23, 2021 at 4:00 pm by AM

As expected, ASSE has given its response regarding the offers received for the club's buyout. And none have been accepted yet, although the process is continuing.

This Tuesday, November 23 was the date on which KPMG , the audit firm mandated to scrutinize the ASSE buyout applications, had to submit the offers deemed serious to Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caiazzo . Two projects seemed to stand out, namely those of Olivier Markarian and a Swiss fund which relies on Mathieu Bodmer and Jean-Michel Roussier in its organization chart. KPMG has therefore studied the solvency of the funds responsible for financing each of these projects, and after having already ruled out Norodom Ravichak , who would have provided false documents, the audit firm considers that the other candidates do not offer not enough guarantees either. Therefore, the sale of the ASSE is postponed, but not canceled as explained by Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo in a press release. .

ASSE does not accept any offers … but announces new candidates

“In the process of selling ASSE, the firm KPMG Corporate Finance asked the candidates to submit a firm offer on November 8 in order to be able to analyze the admissibility of the proposals. The shareholders had asked KPMG to send them the results of the analysis of the candidates on 23 November. KPMG has communicated its recommendations to shareholders as agreed. The consulting firm considered that the legal and financial guarantees provided by the candidates are insufficient. Guarantees of investment in the development of the club or guarantees of the origin of funds have not been provided to date. None of the candidates can therefore enter into exclusive negotiations. The shareholders thank KPMG for the quality of their work and will continue the sales process with the first candidates if they provide KPMG with the requested financial and legal guarantees. The shareholders intend to protect the institution and protect themselves by retaining only offers, validated by KPMG, which provide all the necessary sporting, financial and legal guarantees. to the criteria requested by KPMG and await with serenity the recommendations of the audit firm concerning these candidates whose financial capacity is indisputable with a desire to conclude as soon as possible ”, we can read in this press release.

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