Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: Claude Puel has indeed decided for his future!

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Posted on 2 November 2021 at 4.30 p.m. by Arthur Montagne

Although he is in great difficulty on the bench of AS Saint-Etienne, Claude Puel does not intend to give up anything for his future and will not give up his position with the Greens.

After a very eventful summer , AS Saint-Etienne saw only one recruit landed, namely Ignacio Ramirez who was on loan until the end of the season. And the results since the Greens live a very complicated start to the season with a place of red lantern after 12 days in Ligue 1. The ASSE has still not won a single match and has only six points which obviously places Claude Puel on an ejection seat. However, after the draw against FC Metz (1-1) this weekend, the Saint-Etienne manager was clear about his future at the microphone of Prime Video: “We have gained the upper hand on this team, but it's a shame, he doesn't miss much. thing to capitalize on. We have a superb state of mind at the moment, we have to continue. If I lie in danger after 14 unsuccessful matches? I will not stop receiving this kind of question. What interests me is that my group is not giving up. We're still here, we're still there. This group needs to be rewarded, that's what interests me. The rest I leave to the media to fill in all that ”. And very clearly, Claude Puel does not intend to let go.

Puel will not let go

Again asked about his situation, by BUT Football Club, Claude Puel has indeed reaffirmed his willingness to give everything to relaunch ASSE : “Listen, I have been receiving this kind of question for several weeks. But what interests me is that my group does not give up. In Metz we lost Yvan Neyou very quickly, we conceded the opener, but there was a reaction, we equalized quickly. We're still here. We don't give up. In very difficult circumstances we had a good match against Angers. By suffocating them, making 17 shots. At some point, this group has to be rewarded. The manager of the Greens even ensures that he is always on good terms with the management of Saint-Etienne. “Any news from my management?” Sure. There are regular meetings. Scheduled meetings, and not crisis meetings as I have read, ”he adds before being relaunched on possible discussions about his situation with Roland Romeyer . ” No. Never ”, coward Claude Puel .

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