Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: Claude Puel sends a huge message about his situation!

Posted on December 5, 2021 at 5.30 p.m. by Dan Marciano

Claude Puel spoke after his team's heavy defeat against Rennes. Asked about his situation, the ASSE coach dodged the subject and preferred to send a message to his group, red lantern this Sunday.

The situation is becoming more and more worrying in Saint-Etienne . L ’ASSE thought they would regain color after victories against Clermont and Troyes during the month of November, but the fall was brutal for the Greens, heavily defeated by Rennes this Sunday at home (0-5). Third consecutive defeat for the Saint-Etienne club in the league, red lantern this Sunday. A new underperformance, which provoked the anger of the public present at Geoffroy-Guichard. The supporters did not hesitate to cheer on the last goal of the Rennes team at the end of the game, to push the Stéphane group a little more, which sounded the alarm bells. ” It's a disaster. We are at home. The supporters are there, they push us. We do not have the right. We have to stop talking and put all the ingredients on the ground. It hurts, it really hurts. (…) In training, we try to work on what we don't do very well. It's up to us to reproduce it in a match, but things are different. We must turn the page, it is becoming urgent. For the supporters who are there, we have to show something else. It becomes anything, “Zaydou Youssouf told Prime Video. The ASSE player was followed by his coach, Claude Puel, announced close to a departure for several weeks.

“All that is against the players, the management, the staff or myself, it does not provide the serenity that we need ”

Present at a press conference, Claude Puel reconsidered the performance of his team, and wanted to send an implicit message to the supporters of the ASSE . “Since the start of the season, the squad has been fighting each time and will get up again. This season is special. They know we have no right to let go. We were looking for points with forceps. It had given a little confidence. You have to start over, start a series again. We wanted to do it today. Our start augured for good things. But we quickly lost the thread. You have to raise your head. The behavior of supporters? Everything that is against the players, the management, the staff or myself, it does not provide the serenity that we need. Everyone feels it. The environment is difficult to express oneself, it can mark. The context is not easy to manage ”confided the technician in comments reported by RMC Sport.

“ Me, that's not the subject ”

The environment n is not ideal for Claude Puel, weakened after this new defeat. But when asked about his situation, the Saint-Etienne coach did not want to dwell on his case and called on his group to recover before the match against Stade de Reims next Saturday. “We have been in the subject since the start of the season. We all work together to go up psychologically in order to fight each time. We were able to do a small series and then there were opposite scenarios (…) We have to fight, there is no fatalism. We have rectified compromised situations, we must show character, do not give up (…) If I am affected? This is not the subject, I want to see my team in the capacity to undertake, not to give up and face these opposite situations. I don't know of any other solution but to face it and raise your head. If I do not believe it, the players and the staff will not believe it “blurted out Claude Puel . There is no doubt that the question of its future will be addressed internally in the coming days.

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