Mercato | Mercato: ASSE declares war on the Prince of Cambodia!

Posted on November 10, 2021 at 11:30 am by Arthur Montagne

Considered the main candidate for the takeover of ASSE for many weeks, the Prince of Cambodia was finally disqualified after falsifying documents concerning the origin of his funds.

As revealed exclusively by in recent weeks, Norodom Ravichak had absolutely not given up on his plan to buy the ASSE , contrary to what had been suggested. Voluntarily more discreet in the media, the Prince of Cambodia was in fact responding to the wishes of KPMG . But while the Cambodian was in the race, he got himself offside. And for good reason, while the audit firm mandated by the ASSE to scrutinize the candidate files had set Monday as the deadline for receiving the offers, a press release published by the Forez club cast a huge chill on the project of Norodom Ravichak . “This process made it possible to highlight the lack of credibility of certain candidates. This is the case of Norodom Ravichak and his counsel Maitre Carlos Bejarano who provided a financial guarantee document of 100 million euros from a large international bank which turns out to be a forgery ”, explained this press release, reducing to nothing the project of the Prince of Cambodia .

Caïazzo responds curtly to Ravichak

But while the story could have ended there, it is far from over. Indeed, on Tuesday, Norodom Ravichak decided to respond to the ASSE by displaying “his astonishment at the accusations brought against him” in a press release. “Norodom Ravichak regrets the situation and the comments relayed in the press. Nordom Ravichak is all the more surprised that negotiations with ASSE have stalled for several weeks. Norodom Ravichak has not integrated the DataRoom. The document was therefore never used as a financial guarantee for the redemption of the club. Norodom Ravichak denounces a destabilization operation in the buyout process of ASSE, the Prince having always been mobilized in the interest of the club and its supporters. Norodom Ravichak reserves the right to initiate all appropriate legal actions in response to the complaint that would have been filed against him, ”he added. Therefore, the two sides could sue each other in court. But ASSE maintains its version. “The shareholders confirm that they hold documents which prove that the representatives of Norodom Ravichak presented false documents. They will present them in due course ”, specifies a press release published by Patrick Chêne's communications company. Bernard Caïazzo also wanted to react by charging violently Norodom Ravichak . “They said he had 500 million euros… This is bullshit! Normally serious buyers do not speak. They don't speak because it's in their best interests. When I see people talking in the media, most of the time, it's because they are not serious and they have no money, ”says the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the < strong> ASSE on Radio Free Asia in comments reported by Peuple-Vert. Therefore, as the selling process continues, the Greens engage in another fight.

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