Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: Facing Russia, a big project is forming to buy the club!

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Posted December 4, 2021 at 10:10 am by AM

Although the takeover project led by the Russians Roman Dubov and Sergeï Lomakin seems the most advanced, a local project is taking shape in order to avoid the takeover of the ASSE by foreign funds.

Since November 23, the sale of the ASSE has taken on a new dimension. And for good reason, after rejecting two takeover offers, the Greens announced that other takeover candidates have positioned themselves to take over the Forez club. Among them, a first project was quickly revealed namely that of Roman Dubov, president of the company Total Sport Investment , supported by the billionaire Sergeï Lomakin , 986th world fortune according to Forbes magazine. But the Russians are not the only ones still in the race.

A local project is set up to take over ASSE

Indeed, a local project is also being set up. And it is the president of Smart Good Things who is at the origin, namely Serge Bueno . Le Progrès says more about this project by revealing that the Franco-Israeli entrepreneur has already met Roland Romeyer twice. The hypothesis of an alliance with Olivier Markarian cannot be ruled out in order to be able to compete with foreign projects. Serge Bueno has also explained his motivation to buy the club. “Because it is the club of my childhood, because it is the club which uninhibited football in France in the seventies. We are not going to let this club, this heritage, which is the beacon of the city, the beacon of the department, slip away. I will make a proposal within thirty days, ”he says in the columns of Progress.

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