Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: For this offensive track at Dupraz, it's over!

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Posted on January 10, 2022 at 8:10 p.m. by Th.B.

With Pascal Dupraz reportedly awaiting further reinforcements before the transfer window closes, the ASSE coach is unlikely to be able to count on Folarin Balogun. The cause ? The Arsenal forward is expected to drop his bags off at Middlesbrough.

After Bakary Sako , Paul Bernardoni and Sada Thioub , place for Jean Philippe Mateta ? As revealed to you on January 5, the Crystal Palace forward is expected at ASSE. However, and still according to our exclusive information from this Monday, January 10, the London club should succeed in finding a replacement for him on the transfer market. At the moment, therefore, the Mateta case appears to be at a standstill. What allow Pascal Dupraz to turn to another offensive element? Folarin Balogun 's name has been linked to ’ASSE lately, but the U23 scorer of Arsenal are intended to pledge to Middlesbrough , again in the form of a loan.

Balogun to snub ASSE for Middlesbrough

According to Sky Sports information, the loan of Folarin Balogun to < strong> Middlesbrough has already been agreed by the various parties involved behind the scenes. The formalization of this operation has been expected for some time, but has yet to take place. According to journalist Dharmesh Sheth and his statement on Football Daily, the reason would be simple and would lie in the fact that the Arsenal striker has contracted Covid-19 and must remain in isolation until a negative test is carried out. This operation will be completed and the documents will be signed once Balogun is no longer affected by the virus. The ASSE can therefore give up on this offensive reinforcement.

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