Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: Russia, Manchester City … The Greens soon in another dimension?

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Posted on November 30, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. by Arthur Montagne

Despite the refusal of offers from Olivier Markarian and Jean-Michel Roussier, the sale of ASSE is still hoped for by Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo who would be in discussions with wealthy investors who could soon give a new dimension to the Forez club.

Since April, the ASSE sale process has been launched . A first verdict was also rendered last Tuesday. Through a press release, Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo announced that KPMG , the audit firm responsible for scrutinizing the takeover offers, had advised them to reject the two offers received. “The consulting firm considered that the legal and financial guarantees provided by the candidates are insufficient. Guarantees of investment in the development of the club or guarantees of the origin of funds have not been provided to date, “the press release read. The two projects concerned were those of Olivier Markarian , a businessman from Valence in the Drôme region and bearer of a local project, and of Jean-Michel Roussier , supported by funds based in Switzerland and which had entrusted its sports sector to Mathieu Bodmer . Sufficient to end the sale of ASSE ? Surely not and quite the contrary since “the shareholders are pleased to note that new candidates presented themselves with files which meet the criteria requested by KPMG and await with serenity the recommendations of the audit firm concerning these candidates whose capacity financial is indisputable with a desire to conclude as soon as possible, ”added the same press release.

A Russian billionaire and two other wealthy candidates are in the running

And this Tuesday, The TEAM says more about these new candidates, and one in particular: Sergei Lomakin . 986th world fortune according to Forbes with no less than 3.1 billion euros, the Russian businessman made his fortune thanks to his discount chain Fix Price which has 4,000 stores in Eastern Europe. The latter would also support the company Total Sports Investments LLP , chaired by Roman Dubov who was in Geoffroy-Guichard on Sunday to attend the match against the PSG . Michel Salgado , TSI's sports advisor was also present. All these beautiful people took the opportunity to discuss with Roland Romeyer , who confirmed his intention to sell the ASSE , as well as with two representatives of KPMG . But not so fast. According to THE TEAM, no concrete meeting would have taken place between all the parties. For the moment, a letter of intent with the promise to immediately inject € 100 million has already been sent to ASSE. A letter deemed reliable by KPMG. Therefore, this project should be taken into consideration especially since the idea would be to make the Forez club the head of a club network like the City Group with Manchester City and Red Bull with Leipzig . As the Green People explains, Total Sports Investments LLP already owns FC Pafos (Cyprus, D1), of FC Riga (Latvia, D1 ), FC Rodina (Russia, D3), FC Teungueth (Senegal, D1), FK AUDA (Latvia, D2) and by Parana Clube (Brazil, D3). A big project for the ASSE therefore and it is not the only one since according to the information of the Progress, two other foreign and wealthy candidates would have entered the negotiations to buy the club, of which one has already invested in a football club. Therefore, there is a good chance that ASSE will move to another dimension soon.

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