Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: Sale, supporters … Romeyer could lead a big project!

Posted on November 6, 2021 at 12:15 pm by AM

While Olivier Markarian is one of the candidates for the takeover of ASSE, this project does not seem to be unanimous, in particular because of the fact that Roland Romeyer could well keep a position in the Saint-Etienne management.

The sale of ASSE is finally accelerating! During the month of September, Roland Romeyer was also showing its willingness to complete this file soon. “At one point or another we will end up getting there, it has to be. I would like this to be done before the end of the calendar year. If we find the right candidate, who meets our criteria, the change will normally only be beneficial for the club, ”confided the president of the ASSE Management Board. And while it seemed to be off to a bad start, L'Equipe revealed in recent days that KPMG , an audit firm commissioned by the Greens, had set a deadline.

Supporters worried about the continuity of Markarian's project

Among the candidates likely to submit an offer of redemption, Olivier Markarian would always be very motivated by the idea of ​​becoming president of ASSE . However, his project would not be unanimous internally, but also with supporters as revealed by Le Progrès. Indeed, Bernard Caïazzo is not excited since he still hopes to attract a rich investor, but it is especially the supporters who could show their reluctance. And for good reason, Roland Romeyer could retain a role in the organization chart put in place by Olivier Markarian . Consequently, between a limited budget compared to other candidates, and the Chairman of the Management Board still present, this project would appear to be a continuation. Far from the revolution hoped for by ASSE fans.

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