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Posted October 18, 2021 at 1:45 pm by AM

Arrived at the very end of the transfer window, Ignacio Ramirez struggles to integrate into ASSE has only experienced one tenure. Antonela Lima, the companion of the Uruguayan striker speaks out on his integration.

In search of an attacker for several months, the ASSE finally waited until the last seconds of the transfer window to obtain the loan from Ignacio Ramirez who landed in the form of a loan from Liverpool FC Montevideo . However, the Uruguayan striker's first steps are far from being a success as he has only played one game and still has not found his way to the net. He hasn't even played the last two games. Antonela Lima , the partner of Ignacio Ramirez , confirms her difficulties of integration.

The failed integration of Ramirez

“The language is difficult for him. In football everything is spoken in French and he did not understand tasks and instructions very well. But he also studies and now we know the basics. He also has special football-focused lessons: to teach him terms like “pass-there”, “second ball”, etc … “, she confides in an interview with El Pais.

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