Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: The Prince of Cambodia is not giving up for ASSE!

Posted on November 8, 2021 at 11:45 am by T.M.

For several weeks, it has been announced that the Prince of Cambodia is interested in ASSE. An interest that is still and still relevant today.

Today, Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo are still at the head of the ASSE , but that's not going to last. Indeed, after putting the Greens up for sale, they are close to completing the operation. After long months of research to find the future buyer, the process is about to be finalized. Today we would be in the home stretch for the sale of the ASSE and soon we should know the identity of the future Saint Etienne boss. And this one could well be Norodom Ravichak , prince of Cambodia.

ASSE under the Cambodian flag?

Interested in ASSE , the Prince of Cambodia had somewhat disappeared from radar lately. However, his interest in buying the Saint-Etienne club is still relevant. According to information from Footmercato, Norodom Ravichak will also be going to Paris very soon to meet with the KMPG firm about this sale of the ASSE . Moreover, the KMPG cabinet would now be reassured by the finances of the Prince of Cambodia, who would therefore be a serious candidate for the takeover of the ASSE . To be continued…

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