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Posted November 8, 2021 at 5:45 pm by DM updated November 8, 2021 at 5:48 pm

ASSE will file a complaint against Norodom Ravichak, Cambodian Prince who had applied to buy the club.

“I am passionate about football and I grew up getting excited about the French league and, of course, the French team. This is how I have always had a special affection for ASSE, which occupies a special place among the very big clubs in France. Thanks to my various business networks, I was able to meet personalities from the world of football and, one thing leading to another, learned about the sale plan for ASSE a few months ago. My goal today is to take care of Saint-Étienne and all those who work to restore this club to its rightful place in French and European football ”. Last September, Norodom Ravichak positioned itself to buy the ASSE , on sale since last April. The Cambodian Prince was to submit his offer on Monday to the KPMG cabinet, responsible for sorting out the applications and selecting the best projects. But this Monday, the ASSE announced that it was going to file a complaint against Norodom Ravichak, guilty in his eyes of fraud for having provided a false financial guarantee document of 100M €.

ASSE will file a complaint against Ravichak

“ASSE shareholders have started a divestiture process entrusted to KPMG since last April. KPMG invited candidates for the club's takeover to submit their best offer on Monday, November 8. This process made it possible to highlight the lack of credibility of certain candidates. This is the case of Norodom Ravichak and his counsel Maitre Carlos Bejarano who provided a financial guarantee document of 100 million euros from a major international bank which turns out to be a forgery. The shareholders therefore questioned their lawyers on the legal and judicial consequences resulting from the production of these false documents with a view to being authorized to participate in the transfer process. In view of their findings, it was resolved to file a complaint with the public prosecutor of Paris for acts of forgery, use of forgery and attempted fraud. The shareholders regret that these allegations could have been repeated in certain media outlets without verification and thus could have damaged the reputation of the ASSE institution and seriously disrupted the disposal process. Shareholders are hoping this episode will cause some publications not to give credit to fanciful, unverified information. ASSE shareholders confirm that KPMG is exercising the utmost vigilance in monitoring the financial credibility of each candidate. The shareholders intend to continue the sale process in order to sell the club to an investor representing all the pledges of seriousness and the financial standing necessary to give ASSE the means to fulfill its legitimate ambitions ”confided the communication agency commissioned by the ' ASSE to communicate on this subject.

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