Mercato | Mercato – Barcelona: A relative of Agüero throws a big chill on his future!

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Posted on November 24, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. by Th.B.

While he was able to rub shoulders with Sergio Agüero at Manchester City, Samir Nasri did not hide the fact that the FC Barcelona striker had indeed confided to him that retirement was a real possibility due to his cardiovascular problems. .

FC Barcelona could see the Blaugrana adventure of one of their flagship recruits from the last offseason cut short. Arrived free of any contract from Manchester City , Sergio Agüero made his return to La Liga this summer ten years after leaving Atletico de Madrid. And after only five games played with FC Barcelona , Sergio Agüero collapsed on the Camp Nou lawn on October 30. Hours later, cardiovascular problems were revealed by Barca in a statement. Agüero suffers from a cardiac arrhythmia and could be ordered to retire prematurely as has been announced on the other side of the Pyrenees. And on the set of Match of ze day last Saturday, Canal + show, his friend and former teammate Samir Nasri held the following speech. “He just sent me a message, unfortunately it's confirmed. So I have a lot of trouble. Besides being the player everyone knows, who was a phenomenon, he's a very good guy, a very good person. I have a lot of trouble because it is not a choice, it is an unfortunately forced stop ”. A position that FC Barcelona absolutely does not share.

Barça is stepping up to the plate for Agüero…

This is indeed the case for Xavi Hernandez , coach of < strong> FC Barcelona , which followed his debut on the Barca bench last Saturday assured that a retirement was not on the cards at the moment. “What came out on Kun is not true. I hope he can continue to play football. We spoke to him these days and our information is not this ”. And on the side of the executive director of FC Barcelona , namely Mateu Alemany , it's the same speech. “We have to respect him a lot and give Kun and the doctors time. To rush seems reckless to me. For now, things are not clear, we will see if the situation improves. Let's wait and see “. More recently, at a press conference that took place Monday evening, Jordi Alba for his part did not take a position, admitting just to bring his unconditional support for Sergio Agüero . “It doesn't have to be pleasant or easy. He is in a good mood, he is very positive. He encourages us more. It's something that belongs to him and he will have to say how his situation is ”.

“He just confirmed that to me”

But what does Samir think Nasri about all this? He who is retired and who threw oil on the fire with his declaration? Present on the Canal Champions Club set, Samir Nasri added a layer by declaring that he had received confirmation from Sergio Agüero in person… ” What if I was criticized for talking about his retirement? No, at all, I had discussed it with him about ten days ago. Because I had started to see the rumor a little bit. I had sent him a message of support and he had already responded with a certain hindsight saying that if he could go on good and if he couldn't, well he was just going to enjoy life. Fabrizio Romano released the information this weekend. When I texted him, he just confirmed that to me. After that I hope that if tomorrow things can change, that's all I wish for him, because it's a little sad to quit when it's not your choice. ”

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