Mercato | Mercato – Barcelona: Griezmann failure caused … by Lionel Messi?

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Posted 8 November 2021 at 4:00 am by TM

Having arrived at FC Barcelona in 2019, Antoine Griezmann has never really managed to find his place in Catalonia. And Lionel Messi would be no stranger to this…

Despite a failure in 2018, FC Barcelona returned to the charge in 2019 to recruit Antoine Griezmann , not hesitating to pay its release clause of 120M €. The Frenchman has therefore left Atlético de Madrid and dreamed of shining at Camp Nou. However, Griezmann quickly became disillusioned. On the ground, the world champion had a lot of trouble finding his place, especially alongside Lionel Messi . His relationship with the Argentinian was almost non-existent. What explains the failure of Antoine Griezmann at Barcelona ?

“The responsibility of Messi in the failure of Griezmann is considerable”

For Vincent Duluc, Lionel Messi would indeed have played a role in the 'failure of Antoine Griezmann with FC Barcelona . Having failed to digest the Frenchman’s 2018 documentary in which he snubbed Barça, the six-time Ballon d'Or made him pay later. “So finding out in the documentary that Griezmann is staying at Atlético for Messi was over that day with Griezmann. Messi is never going to forgive the affront and Griezmann’s Barcelona career is one to read in light of this incident. (…) Players at this level choose who they play with. We can see very well who they are looking towards and where they are not looking. Obviously perfect Messi didn't knowingly give the ball to Griezmann. He didn't want him to succeed, he didn't like him at all. As far as we know, he has said a lot of bad things about himself to all of his friends. Messi's responsibility for Griezmann's failure is considerable, but that of Griezmann himself cannot be ruled out either, “explained Vincent Duluc for” Leo the film “broadcast on RMC.

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