Mercato | Mercato – Barcelona: Griezmann lets go of his truths about his future!

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Posted on January 8, 2022 at 4.30 p.m. by Arthur Montagne

Loaned with a compulsory purchase option, Antoine Griezmann will commit definitively to Atlético de Madrid at the end of the season. And the French international does not hide his joy at the idea of ​​settling permanently with the Colchoneros.

Last summer, after two sluggish seasons at FC Barcelona , Antoine Griezmann finally made his comeback to Atlético de Madrid in the dying seconds of the transfer window. The French World Champion had indeed experienced a disappointing stint within the Blaugrana club he had joined for € 120m in 2019 for € 120m a year after having however rejected the Catalan advances to extend to the Atlético de Madrid . In an interview with Transfermarkt, Antoine Griezmann has also confirmed that he had regrets about his time at Barça. “The truth is that I performed well at Real Sociedad, then I grew up at Atleti, sportingly and also in my private life, with my wife, my children … It helps you to be more relaxed and enjoy everything. And then I left for Barcelona. Due to the circumstances, things did not go as well as I hoped. That's why I wanted to come back to play again for Cholo (Diego Simeone; editor's note) and Atleti. This is what I wanted the most, and the truth is that I really like being here and I hope I can continue like this “, he assures.

” I ' hope Atlético will want me as long as I can keep up. ”

This is the reason why Antoine Griezmann has decided to make his return to Atlético de Madrid last summer when he was loaned with a compulsory purchase option. Therefore, the Frenchman is delighted to be back with his club. “I hope Atlético will want me as long as I can keep up with the pace of the matches and the level of demand, and that we can write another great story”, he always assures Transfermarkt before being asked about a possible transfer to the Bundesliga. “I never really thought about it, because since my stint at Real Sociedad, I have always felt good where I was, and ultimately, it is here, at Atlético, that I feel the most comfortable and the happiest. And I don't want to change again ”, adds Griezmann who concludes by affirming that two decisions have changed his career:“ For me, there are two. On the one hand, doing everything to get my parents to let me go to Real Sociedad when I was 14, which was very difficult because of the distance. On the other hand, it was the move to Atlético de Madrid that changed my life. “

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