Mercato | Mercato – Barcelona: Neymar, Messi … PSG victim of a Machiavellian plan of Laporta?

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Posted on November 20, 2021 at 1:30 am by La Rédaction

What is the strategy pursued by FC Barcelona with the return of Dani Alvès? Analysis.

In recent days, FC Barcelona endorsed the return to Camp Nou of Daniel Alvès , which was at the end of the contract with Sao Paulo . At first glance, the strategy pursued by the Blaugrana management appears blurry, as the player is 38 years old and he played little last year with Sao Paulo . Dani Alvès' response to a possible return of Messi during his introductory press conference could shed some interesting light on the subject: “If I would like Messi to come back? What can I say ? If you give me a few hours, I'll get it. He's the greatest player I've seen and had as a teammate. It would be great to see him here again ”.

The presence of Dani Alvès had been important in the signing of Neymar to PSG

Like the sentences held by the Brazilian right-back, who was part of the executives of the locker room at the time and whose presence was known to have been important in the choice made by Neymar in favor of PSG , the hypothesis that the president Laporta brought back Dani Alvès as much for sporting reasons as in the hope of promoting the return to the fold of one of the stars of the time, do not can be excluded.

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