Mercato | Mercato – Barcelona: Steven Gerrard comes out of silence for Philippe Coutinho!

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Posted on January 6, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. by AM

While the name of Philippe Coutinho circulates with insistence on the side of Aston Villa, Steven Gerrard is full of praise for the FC Barcelona player he had rubbed shoulders with in Liverpool.

This winter, the FC Barcelona will seek to sell in order to replenish its coffers and especially to reduce its payroll. With this in mind, Philippe Coutinho , who has the biggest salary at the club, is clearly pushed to leave, especially since he does not fully fit into the plans of Xavi . The Brazilian is mainly followed in the Premier League and in recent hours the track leading to Aston Villa seemed the hottest. It must be said that Steven Gerrard, who arrived on the Villans bench during the season, knows Philippe Coutinho well for having played alongside him at Liverpool . And the former legend of the Reds has also mentioned this file.

“I appreciate that it is linked to Aston Villa”

“He's a wonderful footballer. Sharing a dressing room and a pitch with Coutinho was an absolute pleasure. He was at a level that very few footballers reach with his imagination and creativity. His videos are there for everyone to see. Its name speaks for itself. I appreciate it being linked to Aston Villa. But he is also linked to five or six other clubs in this championship and I'm sure there is a long list of foreign clubs who are also interested in Philippe's services. He is a world-class person and player. I appreciate and respect the speculations but cannot say anything more. I wouldn't want that disrespect to come from there, when it comes to Aston Villa. What I will not do here or elsewhere is to talk about players who belong to other clubs. It is neither fair nor respectful, ”says Steven Gerrard at a press conference in remarks reported by the Daily Mirror.

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