Mercato | Mercato – Barcelona: The huge rant of Laporta on the transfer of Neymar!

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Posted on October 23, 2021 at 8:10 pm by La Rédaction

Present this Saturday before the Assembly of members, Joan Laporta did not pray to slip a tackle to his predecessor, Josep Maria Bartomeu. The use of 222M € following the sale of Neymar to PSG in 2017 has in particular been questioned.

Five years later, the sale of Neymar is still making talk a lot in Barcelona . In the summer of 2017, the Brazilian got rid of his XXL release clause of 222M € in order to join PSG . At the time, Josep Maria Bartomeu was then at the head of the Blaugrana. Subsequently, the club culé was noticed by incredible failures on the transfer market, with in particular the arrival of Philippe Coutinho in winter 2018 for 135M €. For Joan Laporta , in post as president of FC Barcelona since March 2021, Barça is still paying its bad investments of the past today.

“Neymar's money should not have been used for these investments which raised the wage bill”

In remarks made in front of the Assembly of members , reported by the Catalan daily Sport, Joan Laporta pointed out the mismanagement of the money generated by the sale of Neymar : “Neymar's money should not have been used for these investments which increased the wage bill. This money should have been invested in Camp Nou and better thought out sports investments. “

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