Mercato | Mercato – Barcelona: The shattering revelation of Bartomeu on the Messi soap opera!

Posted on October 19, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. by Th.B.

While he made the choice to try to break his contract at the end of August after the humiliation suffered by FC Barcelona in the Champions League against Bayern Munich (8-2), Lionel Messi would have yet given his agreement a few weeks earlier to extend his contract as the then president revealed in recent hours.

The end of the 21-year history between FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi was considerably eventful. Indeed, this summer, the six-time Golden Ball made it clear that his primary desire was to renew his contract with Barca, which expired last June. However, the trend was quite different a few months earlier with in particular the now famous episode of Burofax at the end of August, when Lionel Messi asked his former leaders to terminate his contract through the clause contained therein. Wish rejected by Josep Maria Bartomeu . The then president of FC Barcelona has made a big revelation in recent hours.

“In 2020 I made an agreement with Messi to renew for two years”

During an interview with Tv3, Josep Maria Bartomeu revealed that Lionel Messi would have found common ground in July 2020 with the current management at the time for a contract extension. “In July 2020, I made a deal with Messi to renew for two years, but everything fell apart. We will have to ask Messi why ”. assured Bartomeu in comments reported by AS.

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