Mercato | Mercato – Barcelona: This huge regret displayed on the arrival of Xavi!

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Posted on November 9, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. by AD

Joan Laporta's opponent for the FC Barcelona presidential elections, Victor Font spoke out on Xavi's arrival. If he says he is happy to see the former Catalan captain make his return, the ex-candidate for the presidency of Barça still regrets that he was not repatriated earlier.

To compensate for the departure of Ronald Koeman, thanked after the defeat against Rayo Vallecano, Joan Laporta decided to bet on Xavi. A choice that is unanimous at FC Barcelona. Former candidate for president of Barça, Victor Font fully validated the arrival of Xavi. However, he believes that Joan Laporta should have called on him much earlier.

“It's a shame to have wasted these months, but …”

“The club finally understood that this was the best solution. Yesterday was an exciting day. Xavi will get things done because he knows how to work and has clear ideas. He is an asset to the club. I'm happy like everyone else that the person who now runs the club agrees with what we thought. The fact that he starts in the middle of the season is an additional complication. It was important to have done it right after the election so as not to waste time and the foundations were solid. It's a shame to have wasted these months, but we must all congratulate ourselves that Xavi is finally at the head of the sporting project ”, confided Victor Font during an interview with El món a RAC-1.

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