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Posted on November 25, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. by Th.B.

While everything was in place between Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona for his contract to be extended, the financial question turned everything upside down, prompting the announcement of Messi's departure. An outcome that Barça's dressing room absolutely neither saw coming nor believed. Explanations.

FC Barcelona has never stopped doing its best and increasing contacts with Lionel Messi so that the latter extends his contract whose deadline was June 30, 2021. Moreover, twice, for a first two-year contract with an optional third year and for another five-season lease, Messi would have given its endorsement at FC Barcelona according to Fabrizio Romano . However, the financial question is at the origin of his departure from PSG according to the journalist who revealed behind the scenes of his arrival in Paris in recent hours, focusing in particular on the position of FC Barcelona and its locker room in this situation .

“The dressing room hopes this is a strategy to force La Liga to accept Leo Messi's contract”

“Leo Messi is in Barcelona at the beginning of August directly from Ibiza with his father Jorge to sign a new contract. It's an amazing story for the transfer market because imagine the Barcelona team, they already had the ad in place. Scheduled overnight at 8 p.m. to announce that Leo Messi is staying, but Barcelona are not getting the right feedback from La Liga to approve the contract. In secret, Barcelona and Messi himself, they have a deadline. We have to sign today or Leo will be free to sign with any other club after August 5th. During the meeting, Barcelona are not given the green light to sign the contract, due to Barcelona's salary situation. And then, at 7 p.m., Barcelona announce that Leo Messi is leaving the club. It's a huge shock. And let me tell you in the Barcelona dressing room they don't trust this news. Even though it was official with the official announcement on the Barcelona website. They still hope it is a strategy by Joan Laporta to force La Liga to change the situation and accept the contract of Leo Messi ”. reporter Fabrizio Romano told CBS Sports column Inside The Transfer.

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