Mercato | Mercato – Barcelona: This striker gives a big answer to Joan Laporta!

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Posted on 5 November 2021 at 5:30 am by Th.B.

In the sights of FC Barcelona as they seek to strengthen their attacking sector, Alexander Isak has clearly not hinted that he will be ready to join Barca in the near future. Quite the contrary.

Due to the heart ailment contracted by Sergio Agüero last weekend, which should keep him away from the lawns for at least a period of three month, FC Barcelona could enter the attacking market for the winter and summer transfer sessions ahead. Several names are linked to the club, including that of Alexander Isak. And from the top of his 22 years, the Real Sociedad striker made the heyday of the Iberian club. To the point of swapping the white and blue tunic of Real for the blaugrana of FC Barcelona? Not if we are to believe his words.

“One day it would be nice to play in England too”

“I'm in the right place now. I'm very happy, but one day it would be good to play in England too ”. assured Alexander Isak, Real Sociedad center-forward, in an interview with The Independent. So, if the Swedish international were to leave the Basque Country, it might not be to join FC Barcelona , but rather the Premier League…

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