Mercato | Mercato – Barcelona: Xavi has found his three priorities!

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Posted on December 2, 2021 at 10:00 am by AC

In search of reinforcements at FC Barcelona, ​​Xavi seems to have found his main objectives.

Upon his arrival, Xavi seems to have quickly made it clear to his leaders that he wants reinforcements at FC Barcelona . He also received excellent news recently, since the general manager of Barça surprised everyone recently, ensuring that the club will be able to recruit. “Obviously, Barça can recruit, they can recruit this winter as they can next summer,” said Ferran Reverter. “There is no doubt that Barça can recruit this winter, because we all know that it is always a very complicated market, and that Barça will also strengthen next summer”. Everything is relative given the economic situation of Barça, but this could well allow Xavi to finally move forward with his project.

Torres, Werner and Adeyemi for Xavi

This Thursday, SPORT informs us that a first meeting would have taken place between Xavi and its leaders, in order to define the major objectives for winter, but also those for next summer. Three names are thus mentioned by the Catalan daily to strengthen FC Barcelona. The first is well known, since it is Ferran Torres of Manchester City, the second is that of Timo Werner, who does not does not seem to convince Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea and the third is that of Karim Adeyemi, the new nugget of German football.

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