Mercato | Mercato: Leipzig has taken action for this Ligue 1 crack!

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Posted on January 11, 2022 at 10:50 pm by PL

Promised with a great future, Mohamed-Ali Cho could well discover the Bundesliga this winter. RB Leipzig are said to have taken action on the matter and an offer has already been made.

Promised with a great future, Mohamed-Ali Cho could leave Ligue 1 very soon. The SCO Angers forward is said to have piqued the interest of RB Leipzig . The German club would particularly appreciate the profile of the 17-year-old and have already taken action on the case. According to reports from L’Equipe, the leaders of the two clubs met at a hotel in Paris to try to reach an agreement. Last December, in an interview for Ouest France, Saïd Chabane set an amount of € 40 million for his nugget, while insisting on his desire to keep his nugget until the end of the season. However, RB Leipzig would not be ready to match the Angevin demands since the German side would like to spend between 20 and 25M € for Mohamed-Ali Cho . It remains to be seen whether common ground will be found between the two sides, as the player has other options in England. To be continued.

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