Mercato | Mercato – OM: A hot Sampaoli issue is finally settled!

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Posted on January 12, 2022 at 2:45 am by GdSS

Tracked by Newcastle who was ready to pay € 15M to recruit him this winter, Bamba Dieng will finally stay at OM as one of his relatives has clearly announced.

While he is doing part of the unexpected revelations of the season at OM , Bamba Dieng (21 years old) has been sparking a lot of ink since the start of the transfer window winter. The Senegalese striker, although he recently signed a new contract binding him until 2024 with the Marseille club, would be of great interest to Newcastle who even made an offer of € 15m for him. But Dieng should finally stay at the OM

The Dieng clan makes a big announcement at the OM

Asked by Le Phocéen, a close friend of Bamba Dieng r responds bluntly to the interests of Newcastle and announces that he will probably remain at OM to continue to evolve under the orders by Jorge Sampaoli : “He is in a good dynamic with the selection and OM, but he must not cut corners. He is lucky to have a coach who trusts him and high-level teammates, he has everything to continue to grow. That the Premier League thinks of him is a good thing, but I think he will continue on his way with OM. In England, it's complicated because the clubs don't have time to prepare a player, they demand efficiency right away. Today, Bamba is in a very good framework to continue his progression. He has time to earn money, it is too early to leave ”. That is clear.

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